NASA Releases Incredible Photos on Flickr (14 photos)

John Glenn Enters the Friendship 7 Capsule, 1962

NASA joined Flickr Commons today, releasing 180 historic photos in three incredible sets; Building NASA, Launch/Takeoff and NASA Center Namesakes. The photos span the US space agency's 50+ year history. You'll not only get to see the key figureheads behind NASA, you'll also see some of the most iconic spacecrafts take flight. Each photo comes with a detailed description, so you can dive a little deeper and learn more. You can visit Nasa Images for the most comprehensive compilation of NASA stills, film and video, or, you can now go to their Flickr page for the curated list of their best photos. From the 180 they have up now, here are fourteen of our favorites.

JFK Tour of KSC, 1962

NASA Deputy Administrator Robert Seamans, von Braun and President Kennedy at Cape Canaveral

John Glenn Prior to the Mercury-Atlas 6 Mission, 1962

Aerial View of Missile Row, 1964

Gemini-Titan 11 Launch, 1966

Lyndon Johnson Watches the Apollo 11 Liftoff, 1969

Viking 1 Launch, 1975

STS-96 Launch, 1999

Mars Spirit Launch Trail, 2003

Launch of Soyuz Rocket for International Space Station, 2006

Discovery Arcs through the Sky 2009

Liftoff of Space Shuttle Endeavour, 2009

Contrails after the Launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery

NASA on The Commons

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