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Have Endless Fun Exploring Outer Space with These Infinite Jigsaw Puzzles

Infinite Puzzles

When it comes to piecing together a puzzle, there are two types of people: those who like to stay inside the edges, and those who like to break boundaries. If you find that you fall into the second category, you’re going to love getting lost in these far-out puzzles by Nervous System.

Featuring “no fixed shape, no starting point, and no edges,” Nervous System’s Infinite Galaxy and Moon puzzles invite you to explore the endlessness of outer space. Like the studio’s other galactic puzzle, these jigsaws eventually produce actual out-of-this-world pictures taken by NASA. However, each “image is continuous from one side of the surface to the other, so one cannot see the entire photo at once,” making the monumental task particularly tricky.

So how does Nervous System create such complex puzzles? Each puzzle’s plywood pieces are crafted using custom software. Inspired by both abstract patterns found in nature and figurative forms like astronauts and lunar landers, the shapes of these pieces make the wrap-around puzzles even more challenging—and, ultimately, worth the endless effort.

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Nervous System’s Infinite Galaxy and Moon puzzles creatively capture the endlessness of outer space.

Infinite Galaxy Puzzle

Moon Puzzle

With no beginning, no end, and organically-shaped pieces, each puzzle can be arranged into countless configurations.

Infinite Space PuzzleEndless PuzzleMoon PuzzleInfinite Moon Puzzle

However, be sure to keep your eye out for astronauts, satellites, and other figurative pieces that make the monumental task even trickier!

Infinite Galaxy PuzzleInfinite PuzzlesInfinite Puzzles

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