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San Diego Will Be the Largest U.S. City Running on 100% Renewable Energy

Joining the amazing global movement of increasing reliance on renewable energy sources, San Diego has released an ambitious plan to run entirely on clean energy, and cut greenhouse emissions in half, by 2035. Republican Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s endorsement of the Climate Action Plan was unanimously approved by the democratic city council this December, allowing the initiative to move forward. Thanks to this legally binding agreement, the future of the Californian city is looking a lot greener as it moves to become the largest city in the country to run entirely on renewable energy.

The action plan includes an array of forward-thinking initiatives such as increased urban tree canopy coverage (up to 35%), recycling and composting a majority of the city’s solid waste, and investing in public transportation and bicycle infrastructure to cut down on private automobile use. The plan aims to focus on restoring natural ecosystems throughout the city, allowing wetlands, forests, and water cycles in the area to aid in sequestering carbon and reducing the effects of global warming.

What may come as a surprise to some is that the movement is occurring in a bipartisan manner throughout the Californian city. With a Republican leader advocating for these changes, despite the fact that the Republican party openly dismisses the effects of man-made global warming, San Diego is showing that cooperation between opposing parties is absolutely possible. The solutions San Deigo is putting forward towards climate change places it amongst other global cities working towards a future of complete reliance on clean energy and demonstrates that the economy and environment are not at odds with one another. There is a lot to be learned and hopefully replicated in the steps that San Diego is taking towards a brighter, greener future.

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