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Proposed Bike System in London Will Offer Elevated Routes

SkyCycle is a futuristic concept that will radically change how people bike in London. Created through a collaboration between Exterior Architecture, Foster + Partners, and Space Syntax, the elevated bike network was developed as a way to provide safe bicycle routes throughout the city.

According to the project statement, “[London’s] transport network is at capacity and faces the challenge of population growth of 12 percent over the next decade.” In response to that statistic, the team proposed SkyCycle. The system is not mean to replace the roads, but rather, it is meant to serve as a safe, efficient alternative for biking commuters. Riders can choose to pay a toll to gain access to more than 130 miles that are accessible by more than 200 entrance points and that follow the existing train routes throughout London.

“At crucial points in London’s history major infrastructure projects have transformed the fortunes of the Capital… SkyCycle is conceived in this tradition as a network of strategic connections from the suburban edges to the centre, adding the much needed capacity for hundreds of millions of cycle journeys every year with all the social, economic, environmental and health benefits to London that follow,” says Space Syntax director Anna Rose.

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Foster + Partners website
Space Syntax website
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