July 2, 2017

DIY Kirigami Kit Lets You Recreate Frank Lloyd Wright’s Iconic Buildings Out of Paper

It’s undeniable, the massive influence that architect Frank Lloyd Wright has had on the world. To commemorate his contributions to architecture and design, there’s been an extended celebration of his 150th birthday at renowned institutions like the MoMA. But if you'd like a more hands-on approach to appreciate the scope of his work, you now have the chance to construct some of Wright's most iconic buildings.

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June 25, 2017

Black and White EmotionArch Photographs Provide Stunning Perspectives

Architect and photographer Alessio Forlano bridges his professional and personal passions with his stunning black and white architecture photography. It's a combination of interests that Forlano tried to keep separate, thinking that his photography would provide a creative refuge away from his work as an architect, but in the end this separation proved futile. Instead, his series EmotionArch aims to show viewers how contemporary architecture provokes an emotional reaction.

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June 18, 2017

Architecture 101: 10 Architectural Styles That Define Western Society

Throughout history, architecture has been used as a creative, functional outlet that often heralds the cultural depth of society. In fact, a scroll through the basics of important architectural movements is a window into art and culture during any given time period. Often, architectural styles build on one another, with each past period providing the building blocks of advancement for the next culture.

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June 6, 2017

Google Doodle Honors the Creative Legacy of Architect Zaha Hadid

Last year, the world mourned the passing of visionary architect Zaha Hadid. Known for her stunning contributions to city skylines around the world, she also broke the glass ceiling for women in the architecture field. Hadid won the Pritzker Prize—the profession's highest honor—in 2004; she was the first woman selected as a Pritzker laureate since the award began in 1979.

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