May 28, 2023

Enormous Cube-Shaped Skyscraper Will Be the Centerpiece of Riyadh’s Futuristic Downtown

Saudi Arabia's capital is getting a futuristic makeover thanks to a new development project known as New Murabba. Expected to be completed by 2030, the enormous downtown area in Riyadh will cover nearly 7.5 square miles and accommodate hundreds of thousands of residents. And at its center, an enormous cuboid skyscraper called The Mukaab will become the neighborhood's iconic landmark. Measuring 400 meters (approximately 1,312 feet)

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May 20, 2023

Tokyo Art Museum Reveals the Creative Process of Heatherwick Studio’s Greatest Designs

Tokyo's Mori Art Museum is highlighting the work of acclaimed design firm Heatherwick Studio. The award-winning studio was founded by British designer Thomas Heatherwick in 1994, and this is its first solo exhibition. Twenty-eight of Heatherwick's best designs are highlighted in a comprehensive look at its evolution. By focusing on the entire creative process, the exhibit gives visitors a unique look at how the team produces incredible designs that honor its values.

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May 6, 2023

Retired Boeing 737 Is Transformed Into a Luxury Villa on the Cliffs of Bali

Perched on a cliff in Bali, a retired Boeing 737 has been transformed into a luxury villa. Set to open in April, the Private Jet Villa by Hanging Gardens is the brainchild of entrepreneur Felix Denim. Denim already runs the unique Bubble Hotel Bali hotel chain and has decided to upend luxury hospitality by renovating the plane. Now, it sits close to Nyang-Nyang beach and awaits its first visitors.

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April 24, 2023

Tranquil Pavilion Design Look Like It’s Levitating Over the Water

When you get away, you really want to be away? If that’s the case, then the Crystal Lake Pavilion might be the perfect place for you. The conceptual design by Marc Thorpe Design is proposed for the West Catskills region of New York. It's imagined as a space that is situated in the middle of a 32-acre body of water and is only accessible by boat.

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