December 30, 2023

“Underground Library” Seamlessly Blends With Fields of Lush Japanese Landscape

For book lovers, few things can beat a quiet reading nook surrounded by nature. Paying tribute to this noble pastime, Hiroshi Nakamura and NAP Architects have designed Library in the Earth, an “underground library” at Kurkku Fields in Kisarazu City, Japan. This elegant design seamlessly blends in with the surrounding greenery, creating a relaxing yet immersive space for anyone who wants to study, get lost in a book, or craves a peaceful atmosphere.

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December 13, 2023

Create Your Dream Home Landscape With Yardzen

Your yard is its own canvas for landscape design. It’s an exciting prospect; you can create a space that is wholly you and where you’ll undoubtedly make countless memories. Figuring out its design is something you could do yourself, but it's often better to leave it to the experts to plan and execute your vision. That’s where Yardzen comes in.

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