December 21, 2017

World’s Steepest Mountainside Railway Opens in the Majestic Swiss Alps

If you don't suffer from vertigo and are looking for a little thrill, you may want to book your next trip to Switzerland, which has just opened the world's steepest funicular. Connecting the town of Schwyz with the Alpine village of Stoos, the funicular climbs at a maximum gradient of 110%. The newly opened StoosBahn is fourteen years in the making, climbing a height differential of 2,440 feet over the mile-long track.

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December 14, 2017

Unique “Cliff House” Offers Unforgettable Experience Perched Over a Winding River

If you're looking for a thrilling vacation escape, the conceptual cabin design called Maralah is just the place. Conceived of as a tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright and John Lautner, LAAV Architects created the unique 484-square-foot abode with plans to submerge it in the ground and overlook a cliff in Calgary, Canada. This project is similar to one of their earlier plans, the Casa Brutale, which we marveled over in 2015.

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December 4, 2017

10 of the Most Iconic Buildings by Architect Frank Gehry You Should Know

It’s rare for an architect to become a household name, but the ones who earn this distinction have their designs lauded for decades to come. Frank Gehry is one of these visionaries who has planned and built awe-inspiring structures since the early 1960s. Known for his bold architectural features and unusual shapes, Gehry’s designs transcend the ordinary building and are truly monumental works of art.

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November 28, 2017

12 Extraordinary Tiny Houses From Around the World

Architecture and design has evolved throughout the centuries, offering a range of beauty and structure. From the intricate details of gothic architecture to the livable standards of mid-century modern homes, there’s been a constant focus on aesthetic, which has been reinforced by iconic architects, such as Antoni Gaudí and Frank Lloyd Wright. What’s gained more attention in recent years, however, is translating that opulence, sophistication, attention to detail, and (ultimately)

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