May 19, 2020

Dutch Restaurant Creates Small Greenhouse for Diners to Maintain Social Distancing

Amsterdam-based restaurant Mediamatic ETEN is at the forefront of creating innovative designs to help food lovers adapt to social distancing regulations, which is evident in their recently installed waterfront greenhouses. Five of these quaint greenhouses line the Oosterdok River as it runs through Amsterdam. They are an experimental solution to the issue surrounding social distancing and sit-down dining.

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May 10, 2020

Stargaze From Bed When You Stay in Cozy Glass Cabins in the Icelandic Countryside

Just outside of Reykjavík, ÖÖD has nestled two of their luxurious glass cabins into the spectacular Nordic landscape. Thanks to a collaboration with Panorama Glass Lodge, visitors can rent out the cabins for a unique holiday stay. The front sleeping areas are wrapped in glass and invite guests to marvel at the surrounding environment while remaining cozy indoors.

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April 30, 2020

Foster + Partners Releases At-Home Architecture Challenges for Kids in Quarantine

Are you tired of tearing down and rebuilding the same Lego set over and over again while you’re stuck at home? Luckily, Foster + Partners has released a solution in the form of a series of at-home challenges. The sustainably-driven British architecture firm has unveiled its #architecturefromhome initiative, which is meant to educate and entertain young minds.

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April 22, 2020

Colorful Tape Art Provides Social Distancing Guidelines on Public Architecture

Since the coronavirus has forced us to rethink how close we are to each other, businesses—and entire cities—have had to get creative about how they impose the six feet apart guideline. A humble roll of tape has proven an effective way to promote these practices, and the Instagram account @tape_measures chronicles how this looks around Singapore.  Often, the solutions are simple.

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