October 18, 2017

Best Wedding Photos Around the World Celebrate the Fearless Art of Love

Wedding photographers have the honor—and the difficult job—of capturing the emotion and celebration of brides and grooms around the world. And increasingly, people are looking for wedding photography that moves away from the stilted, posed photographs of the past in lieu of capturing the candid moments that make up the day. Fearless Photographers, a website that helps you find the best wedding photographers near you, curates a gallery of stunning wedding imagery every two months.

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October 16, 2017

Copyright Laws Make Photographs of the Eiffel Tower at Night Illegal

As a photographer, it's always important to understand copyright laws in whatever country you're photographing. For instance, most people know that you'll need a model release if you intend on publishing images of people for commercial or editorial purposes. But what if you want to photograph, or simply use imagery of, a famous monument—one that's outdoors in public space? This is where things can get tricky.

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October 12, 2017

NYC Cab Driver Spends 30 Years Photographing His Passengers

In 1980, aspiring photographer Ryan Weideman landed in New York City from California, looking to make a name for himself. But he soon found himself focused on more practical matters, like paying the rent. Thanks to his neighbor, who was a cab driver, he found himself riding along in the taxi one night, and by the next day, he'd found both a way to pay the bills and the perfect outlet for his creativity.

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