July 5, 2018

Chinese Folklore Gets Reimagined as High Fashion Couture Photo Shoots

As one of the world’s most renowned Chinese couture designers, Guo Pei creates show-stopping ensembles that blend majestic opulence with theatrical fantasy. The designer’s bejeweled gowns, headpieces, and sculptural shoes were recently styled and photographed by HOWL Collective, who created a series of shots in celebration of the fashion visionary. Published by Rizzoli as a monograph, the HOWL team’s 122 fairytale shots (titled Guo Pei – Couture Beyond)

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July 4, 2018

Interview: Creative Dad Photoshops His Kids Into the Funniest Situations

For over seven years, photographer and self-taught digital artist John Wilhelm has creatively chronicled his kids' lives. Through his series of funny family photos, he uses digital manipulation to incorporate their everyday lives and childhood antics into fantastical scenes that are too delightfully outrageous to be real. (Otherwise, we'd definitely be fooled!) Wilhelm has seamlessly stitched together his subjects so well that it looks like one cohesive scene.

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June 30, 2018

Interview: Innovative Photos Use Mirrors to Capture ‘Reflected Moments’ of Dancers

Legendary dance photographer Lois Greenfield has been “investigating movement and its expressive potential” for 40 years. With a talent for translating spontaneous movements into still images, she is renowned for her striking photographs of figures in motion and the creative ways in which she captures them. In Reflected Moments, her most recent series, Greenfield takes this innovative approach to another level, incorporating a collection of mirrors into her compositions.

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