October 14, 2017

10 Best Sculpture Parks Around the World

We often think of art viewing as an indoor experience, moving through museums and galleries to experience painting and sculpture. But some of the best art can be seen blended with nature. Sculpture gardens, or sculpture parks, have a long history. For centuries collectors and artists have brought together monumental sculpture and placed it against nature, with institutions finding the allure of art and environment and attractive calling card for visitors.

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October 8, 2017

Interview: Storm Chaser Travels the U.S. Capturing Severe Weather with His Fearless Dog

Texas based storm chaser Mike Mezeul II was the kind of kid that day dreamed about the clouds. Having now photographed storms for over a decade, the fascination has evolved into an awe-inspiring body of work that will leave you with an appreciation for the power and beauty of nature. Mike's foray into storm chasing started as a side project from his job in the advertising photography world.

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October 2, 2017

90-Year-Old Grandma in the Czech Republic Passes Time By Artistically Painting Houses

In the small Czech village of Louka, in southern Moravia, one woman has made it her mission to beautify the homes of her neighbors. Agnes Kasparkova is a 90-year-old former agricultural worker who picked up a new hobby in her retirement—painting. Kasparkova uses her spare time to paint traditional Moravian motifs in bright blue-ultramarine across the walls of Louka's buildings.

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September 25, 2017

Interview: Powerful Portraits of the Different Indigenous Cultures Found in Asia

Scottish travel photographer Daniel O'Donnell is embarking on a journey to discover local cultures through India, Nepal, and Southeast Asia. Setting foot on these areas of the world for the first time, O'Donnell is focusing his work on capturing life in mountainous, rural areas. Currently in Kathmandu, he's just completed his travels in India and sent us a preview of what he discovered during his journey through Kashmir.

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