Christmas Photos From Around the World (23 photos)

Christmas is an amazing time of year that is celebrated all over the world. So, what does Christmas look like in different countries? Here are some photos to give you a peak. Above, a decked out Christmas house in Melksham, England

Christmas at the Vatican with Pope Benedicte XVI.

Christmas Night Mass at the Vatican.

Sand sculpture in India.

School kids – Bhopal, India

Kids in Kyoto, Japan.

Christmas in Palestine.

US Air Base in Afghanistan.

Overly happy women in China.

Palestinian scouts outside the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem.

The Birds Nest – Beijing, China

High-speed Santas – Sydney Harbour, Australia.

Mountain Climber – Buckhan Mountain, South Korea

School in Thailand.

Beirut, Lebanon

Eco-friendly Santa at Kidzania theme park – Tokyo, Japan.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Cathedral of Virgin Mary – Moscow, Russia.

British soldiers in Iraq.

Bavarian Highlanders in Schoenau, Germany

Capitol Hill – Washington, DC

Concorde Place – Paris, France courtesy of etoday

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