Crystal Blue Ice Cave

If you’re a fan of photography in remote places, check out this incredible new shot by Icelandic rvar Atli orgeirsson. Unlike the glacier caves we’ve seen before, this one is a brilliant crystal blue color, which apparently is a rarity.

As rvar states in this story, “On my trip with Skarpi last weekend we visited this ice cave I have twice before attempted to enter but been turned back by unfavorable conditions. This time however the lengthy cold spell and good weather made sure the cave was accessible and in prime conditions.

“Flowing from Europes largest ice cap Vatnajkull the glaciers contain centuries old ice which has seen all its air pressed out of it turning it into this crystal blue ice. Not all ice caves have this colored ice but Vatnajkull seems to produce the right conditions for them to form.

“Shooting this shot we decided to play models in the entrance. I normally don’t put people in my images but in this case it really puts things into perspective. Shooting with a very wide angled lens (Nikon 14-24mm) allowed me to capture as much of the 360 scene. Here Skarpi is the model. You can see his version of the same scene in his photostream.

“Because of a recent accident in Iceland where a young amateur photographer died on a glacier I will not give details of this cave’s location. If you want to visit this place contact a local mountain guide f.x. rfaferir. He will know where it is located and will provide you with all the right safety gear.”

So beautiful that it’s hard to believe that places like this actually exist.

rvar Atli orgeirsson on Flickr

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