Jab Strong Fierce – Street Fighter Tribute Show

Hyakuretsukyaku (Lightning Kick) – Luke Chueh

For many of us, Street Fighter will always have a place close to our hearts. After all, who can forget the glorious arcade game that we all grew up on and loved?

The Nucleus Gallery in Alhambra, California gives us a nostalgic look back into our childhood with their latest exhibit “Jab Strong Fierce”, a Street Fighter tribute show. The exhibition opened this last weekend on April 25th, and runs until May 11th, 2009. Collected here are fifteen of my favorite pieces from the show.

Oh! My Car – David Jien

Chun Li and Blanka – Bobby Chiu

High Kick – Tang Heng

Elena – Khylov

Metaphysique – Khylov

Pre-Fight – Rodney Fuentebella

Chunli – Jo Chen

The Red Cyclone – Derek Yu

Untitled – Rhode Montijo

Chun-Li: Modern Woman – Kevin Dart

The Monster – Christian Ward

The Hero – Christian Ward

Flash Kick – Anthony Wu

Street Fighter Kids – Kei Acedera

Dates and hours:
Show runs until May 11th, 2009
Mon-Thu: 12pm-9pm
Fri-Sun: 11am-10pm


Gallery Nucleus webite
210 East Main Street
Alhambra, CA 91801
[email protected]

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