The Heartbreaking Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

While we've now all seen some unforgettable images taken after Hurricane Sandy, these, featured in the first issue of the new documentary and photojournalism publication Jay Peg, quickly brought us back to those sad and dark times.

After the storm hit, five emerging photographers, all recent graduates of the Documentary & Photojournalism program at the International Center for Photography, took to the streets, overcoming the “ethical difficulties of documenting people in vulnerable sates” and “eventually deciding that it was important that the world be made aware of the extent of the damage that this storm has caused.”

“Our objective is to keep Sandy in the limelight and bring high grade photography into the public eye,” wrote Editor Josh Raab in an email to us. “The publication is free but we encourage readers to donate to Sandy Relief and we provide them with a list of trusted non-profits.”

Looking through these photos, one can't help but feel a rush of strong emotions. While for some, it's immediate, like when you can see the pain written all over a subject's fact, in others it's more subtle. The photo of burly policeman forming an assembly line to pass along boxes of diapers, makes one think more deeply about losing all of life's necessities in what's sure to feel like a surreal and unbelievable moment.

Check out the the full publication at Jay Peg's.

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