Shredded Paper Strips Form Larger Landscapes

Tel Aviv-based artist Naama Arad shredded hundreds of Xerox copies to form these large, ribbon-like wall installations. Draping down from the ceiling and pooling on the ground, the strips merge together into collective images of gorgeous landscapes and monumental architecture that we might see online and in travel brochures. In a review by Sommer Contemporary Gallery, we learn that “[Arad’s] work proposes a fascinating point of view of emotions such as passion and the moment of falling in love with an Internet image, and the repetition of this moment into a work of art.”

Arad’s installations utilize recycled materials and simple construction techniques to create a more complex, blurred boundary between interior and exterior. The curtain-like structures cover large areas of the exhibition space, giving the illusion of a room that continues beyond the four constricting walls. While viewing the pieces, visitors may find themselves getting lost among the black and white outdoor scenes, an imaginary world extending beyond the interior of the gallery.

Naama Arad’s website
via [Sweet-Station]

December 4, 2016

Adventure Photographer Swims With Millions of Jellyfish

Ever wonder what it would be like to swim with jellyfish? Travel and adventure photographer Kien Lam fulfilled this fantasy by flying across the globe to Jellyfish Lake in Micronesia. Anyone who has been stung by a jellyfish can attest—it’s not a pleasant experience. But Jellyfish Lake in Palau is filled with millions of jellyfish that have evolved in a way that makes it safe for humans to swim in the same waters.

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December 3, 2016

Adventurous Photographer Treks to Remote Buddhist Village Before It Disappears

If you’re unfamiliar with Larung Gar, it may be because the small, remote town located in a far-flung corner of China has largely stayed out of the tourism spotlight. It is, however, a cultural and historical Tibetan treasure that has been undergoing tremendous changes in the past few decades, particularly in the midst of global controversy between Tibet and China.

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