The Haunted Mansion – Nathan Schroder

With dark, elaborate schemes lit up by antique chandeliers and candlelight, Nathan Schroder whisks us away to a far and distant land. It's natural to feel a bit disturbed in his haunted mansion; a place that is home to wild animals that we cannot tell are real or fake, and mischievous characters that look to be straight out of murder mystery novels.

Nathan Schroder was born in 1973, in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. His parents brought him to Texas at a young age. After studying Psychology at The University of North Texas for 3 years, his professors saw his photographic work and stressed to him it was obvious this was his passion, not psychology. “I realized later that I really was much more interested in neurology than psychology. It's how the brain works that fascinates me, not why people do the things they do.”

Nathan Schroder

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