When Zoo Advertising Gets Creative (12 examples)

You may think that zoos have an advantage over regular advertisers. Sure they’ve got adorable animals to work with but how do they compete with theme parks for our time? Just ask the creative minds behind these advertisements. Whether they’re shocking us with wrapped buses or making us laugh with car stickers, they all serve to remind us that our friendly neighbors are just waiting for a visit.

San Francisco Zoo: Critter Quest

Buenos Aires Zoo: 115 Years

Zoo Aquarium Berlin: The Snapping Shark Mat

Zoo Safari: Blend In

Zoo Safari: No Cages, All Fun

Al Ain Desert Wildlife Park: Now Open Till Midnight

Calgary Zoo, Zoo School

Neunkircher Zoologischen Garten: The Croc-Eats-Dog-Promotion

Victoria Bug Zoo: Seeing Life Through a Bug’s Eyes

Hogle Zoo: Big Cats are Coming

San Francisco Zoo: Meet a Giraffe

Copenhagen Zoo: Snake Bus

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January 19, 2017

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January 19, 2017

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