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3D Light Sculptures Created with Two Spinning Monitors

Full Turn is a project by artist Benjamin Muzzin that takes two flat screen monitors placed back-to-back and spins them at high speeds, turning the projected images of light into three-dimensional animations. Created as a diploma project for a bachelor degree at ECAL, the result is a spectacular kinetic light sculpture that can be viewed from all sides. The 360-degree view allows spectators from just about any viewpoint to fully experience Muzzin's visual concept of breaking into the third dimension through motion.

As can be seen in the artist's video, Muzzin's mechanical contraption manages to transform simple streaks of light on two flat surfaces into complex, three-dimensional structures that simulate movement. Not only do they seem to be whirling in place, but they also pulsate and emulate multilayered constructions. At one point, there is even the presence of giant translucent spheres of varying sizes that seem to be situated within one another like a Russian nesting doll. Be sure to check out the full video, below.

via [thinx, Colossal]

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