Pensive Figures Wander Through Natural Backdrops in Stunning Moments of Self-Reflection

Aida Pascual Benito‘s photographs emanate an inescapable feeling of melancholy that immediately captures one's attention. Favouring shots of solitary figures wandering through beautiful natural backdrops, Benito composes each of her images around this similar setting, yet somehow still imbues a sense of ambiguity into each one. Every photograph allows one to transcribe a personal story onto the isolated scene. From the striking woman in a windswept red dress standing alone on a cliff to the elegant man strolling through a desolate autumn field, the photographs are familiar as they are foreign, making one return again and again.

Benito's pieces all seem imbued with a larger-than-life theme, offering a contemplative quality that surpasses each image in itself. Born in Burgos, Spain, Benito went on to receive a Master's Degree in Conceptual Photography and Artistic Creation, which is evident in her carefully conceptualized work. The strength of her skill is recognizable in her ability to create a palatable emotion from each solitary figure. Where one lonely character wandering the barren yet beautiful landscape radiates a tranquillity and meditative peace, another image may emit a sense of inescapable sorrow.

Making use of stunning natural settings, such as colourful autumnal forests or coastal cliffs, Benito is able to remind us of our own insignificance in the brilliant scope of the world. Her images gently push us towards embracing often ignored emotions such as melancholy and solitude by showing the harmony that is possible from embracing time alone in nature.

Aida Pascual Benito: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Tumblr
via [The Khooll, archatlas]

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