Beautifully Artistic Surf Photography

If you thought surf photography had to look slick to be cool, then you haven't seen these photos by 26-year-old up-and-coming photographer Jaider Lozano. His artistic surf photography was mostly taken in Asturias, a small and beautiful region in the north of Spain where he was born and raised. Four years ago, Lozano decided to start surfing and it was at this time that he found an incredible appreciation for everything surrounding the sport – the beautiful sunsets, the big waves, and the way the surfer interacted with the ocean.

After finding his photography, we reached out to Lozano to ask him more about his style. Read that interview below after enjoying his wonderfully artistic shots.

How does your surf photography differ from everyone else's?
To tell you the truth, I never intentionally tried to do something different from anyone else, I simply take photos which shares my vision of surfing and my respect and passion for the ocean. Everything else comes naturally. What I tried to do is show the interaction (or relationship) between man and ocean through surfing, not only focusing on the surfer him or herself.

There's definitely a fine art quality to your work. What kind of camera do you use and how much post processing work is done?
I only shoot in digital. I use mainly two lenses: 28-90mm and 75-300mm , both Canon on a Canon 400D (Rebel Xti). It's the first and the only camera I have had in my life. It's very basic equipment. I think its important for people to understand that the equipment is only a small part of what you need to take a great photo.

About the processing, I think Its important to visualize the shot before you shoot. What I find when processing the photo is that the photo reflects to the viewer the same feelings that I had at the moment I took the photo. This, sometimes, requires a lot of work.

You've only been shooting for four years. How did you get so good so fast?
I believe I had to improve a lot both technically and artistically. Four years isnt too much time, and I am still learning new things every day. I think its not only the years you have been shooting, but the dedication, the passion, and the hours you spend in this time. If I would count the hours I have spend shooting photos, learning about photography and viewing the work of great photographers in these four years, it would be scary.

Is there any advice you could give to others who want to take up surf photography?
Shoot what you love. If you dont like surfing, or if you are not impressed by the beauty and the power of the ocean, its impossible to take good photos.

Focus your attention on light and composition.

Educate your eye. View a lot of photos of the best surf photographers as well as great photographers of other disciplines like landscapes and portraits, and analyse every single detail of the best images.

Don't focus only in the surfer, try to give a general view of the beach and of the moment that you are trying to capture.

Thanks for the interview, Jaider!

Make sure to hop on over to Jaider Lozano's website and Facebook page to keep up with the talented photographer.

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