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Breaking Bad Fan Art: 12 Fantastic and Funny Examples

Jesse Pinkman

Say it isn't so! One of the best shows on television, Breaking Bad, starts its final season tonight. Part two of season five consists of eight episodes, each of which promises to thrill its viewers to no end. Have you read what cinematographer Michael Slovis said an in interview with RogerEbert.com contributor Dave Bunting about the last season?

“All I can tell you is…two things: A) You will not be disappointed, I promise. I promise, I promise, I promise. B) Every single storyline will be buttoned up, and there will be no loose ends. It's going to redefine last seasons of television. It's going to redefine series finales, which are almost inevitably disappointing. This one will not disappoint.

“That is a very tall statement, and I don't think I'd believe from anybody but someone who's worked on this show. I've seen all eight episodes. I've seen it through to the end, and I sat in front of my screen crying, myself, alone, during the last couple of episodes..”

Today, in tribute, we bring you twelve great examples of Breaking Bad fan art. May these fantastic and funny examples get you even more excited about watching the hit drama's big return.

Above Digital art by Rhys Cooper

Walter White

Digital art by Matt Hubel


Digital art by Kate Jones

Breaking Bad x Monsters

Digital art by Chris Anderson

Breaking Bad Blue

Digital art by jcconcepts

Jesse Pinkman Portrait

Color Pencil Drawing by Andrew Wilson

Walter White

Pencil drawing by *AtomiccircuS

Pink Teddy Bear

Watercolors by Acuarelas


Digital art by Fabiano Santos


Digital art by Saadirfan

Breaking Bad

Digital illustration by Denis O'Sullivan (Illustrator with graphic tablet)

Walt & Jesse

Digital art by Baznet

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