Vibrant Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears in Award-Winning Photo

Ama la Vida TV captured a phenomenal Wikimedia Picture of the Year that's both visually stunning and educational. The remarkable, Ecuador-based snapshot features Dryas julia butterflies quenching their thirst with a drink of fresh turtle tears. While this may seem like unusual behavior, there's actually a name for it–lachryphagy, aka tear-feeding. It's one of the many ways in which butterflies secure moisture and nutrients. From the looks of it, it seems that turtles are happy to help when it comes to a butterfly's need for hydration.

Aside from the photo's informative nature, there's a surreal vibrance to it as well. Ultimately, it's no wonder that this dreamlike image won Picture of the Year in 2014.

Ama la Vida TV: Website | Facebook
Wikimedia Picture of the Year: Website
via [ColossalTwisted Sifter]

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