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Adventurous Felines Enjoy the Great Outdoors in “Camping with Cats” Instagram

People regularly camp with their dogs, but popping a tent with a cat in tow is much less common. There are, however, plenty of felines that enjoy campfires, canoes, and hiking trails. The Camping with Cats Instagram celebrates this fact by featuring photographs that document their trek into the wet, wild, and sometimes snowy outdoors. These cats don’t cower under blankets, either—they experience all the action right alongside their human.

While camping, cats are able to exercise their animal instincts that are usually suppressed while living indoors. They can scratch and climb trees to their heart’s content and later sun themselves on a rock. But if things get too strenuous or scary, they’re often small enough to comfortably fit inside their human’s backpack and passively enjoy the scenery. Regardless of their attitude, one thing is for sure: these brave creatures are taking feline travel to new and exciting places.

Camping with Cats: Website | Instagram
via [Bored Panda]

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