Captured Photo Contest: Best of Week 3

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It's that time again. Time to check out your best family photos in our “Captured” photo contest! In Week 1, we read a sweet story about a secret moment shared between a grandmother and mother. In Week 2, we saw what happens when grown adults are left alone with a boatload of candy and finally, in Week 3, we take a look at a very clever forced perspective shot taken during a family vacation.

Before we dive into the stories, I wanted to tell you that you still have time to submit your best family photo by following these instructions. (Deadline is midnight 12/24/2011.) Remember, there's a $500 gift card to Best Buy up for grabs!

Now let's see who “captured” our attention this past week.

My Big Little Sister by Karlo Lustre (above)
“Our family never does that ‘stand and smile for the camera pose' whenever we travel. We always look for something weird and quirky to make it look more interesting – more like this picture. We were in Bicol, Philippines for the summer of 2011 and my sister decided to punish me for being such a mean big brother.

“Just perfect timing here, no editing was done.”

Mom and Dad by To Thu Tra
“My dad studied in Bulgaria since I was 2 months old until I was 6. My brother left home to study in Germany 10 years ago and a few years later, I also flew away to the US. The four of us lived fully together for only 7 years of my life. That picture was taken during the last vacation we went together as a unit living under the same roof. That was the happiest vacation of my life and it is so evident in the picture. It was one of those rare moments that my parents exhibited their truly playful and loving selves in front of their children. Their love is like a glue that holds us so tight together that no matter how far apart we are and how lonely life abroad can get, I always feel that I'm unconditionally loved and have a home to come back to anytime.”

Brotherly Love by Zach Snoderly
“My family is very close, and as I've grown into what most of them would define as an adult, I still hang out with the kids. At this particular birthday party, ‘wedgie' became the recreational activity of the day for my young cousins. I was fortunate enough to escape the savage attacks on my undergarments but Riley wasn't so lucky. However, by his surprisingly pleasant attitude towards the whole ordeal, I would say it was all done out of love. It's moments like this that help me feel like that kid I wish I could be again.”

As a quick reminder, here's how to enter:
1. Upload your best/favorite family memory photo to Flickr.
2. When uploading, mark your photo as “public” and tag it with #CapturedPhotoContest_MyModernMet
3. In the comments section of this post, provide a link to your Flickr photo AND a short story behind the shot.

Since this is our last wrap-up post, you should know that ePrize will contact the winner through Flickr mail from the “Family Memory Photo Contest Notice” screen name on or around 01/16/12.

Good luck and let's see those photos!

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