Endangered Animals

December 1, 2022

New Owl Species Has Been Documented on Príncipe Island off the Coast of Africa

While vanishing species receive a lot of well-deserved attention, new species are also continually being discovered and documented. About 18,000 new species are described scientifically each year. Estimates suggest millions more remain unknown. A new species of the adorable scops owl has recently been documented for the first time, emerging from obscurity. Announced in ZooKeys, the small bird is likely critically endangered, but utterly adorable.

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September 17, 2022

Macro Photography Highlights Beauty of Extinct and Endangered Insects [Interview]

For three years, British photographer Levon Biss worked tirelessly to capture every hair, feature, and fiber of rare insects from the American Museum of Natural History's collection. Known for his ability to bring out their beauty with his macro photography, Biss's meticulous method of photographing the specimens has culminated in the Extinct and Endangered exhibition.

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