Endangered Animals

October 3, 2023

Over 100 Dolphins Are Found Dead in the Amazon River Amid a Historic Drought

More than 100 dolphins were found dead in the Amazon River over the last week amid a severe drought and record-high water temperatures. The conditions in which the animals were found have ignited fears that the rising global temperatures may be passing the tolerance threshold for vulnerable species. The animal carcasses appeared at Lake Tefé, tributary of the Amazon River, alongside thousands of dead fish.

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September 6, 2023

Yellowstone Wolf Parents Are Seen Bringing Teething “Toys” to Their Pups

Parenting is hard—teething babies, never a moment alone, always hungry pups… These are the human-like struggles faced by gray wolf parents in Yellowstone National Park, where at least 108 wolves roam wild and free in their ancestral habitat. While raising wolf pups is not the same as human children, some of the similarities across the animal kingdom are shocking.

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August 16, 2023

Hawaiian Zookeeper Bravely Saves Critically Endangered Animals From Wildfires

Human lives were not the only ones threatened by the Maui wildfires. Numerous animals, many of which are critically endangered, were put at great risk from the disaster. On August 8, the fire threatened to spread to the Maui Bird Conservation Center in Makawao, which houses some of the rarest species on the planet. Before the flames got too close, however, a zookeeper stepped up and demonstrated inspiring bravery.

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