November 13, 2018

Zaha Hadid Architects Selected to Build New “Smart City” in Moscow

Shortly after announcing that they will be building a new Philharmonic Concert Hall in Yekaterinburg, Zaha Hadid Architects has been granted an even bigger project in Russia’s capital. The team of ZHA and the Russian firm TPO Pride Architects is one of three consortiums that will be creating the Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye neighborhood west of Moscow. This smart city will feature homes for 66,500 residents, schools, medical clinics, shopping districts, transit infrastructure, and civic spaces.

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November 7, 2018

Arctic Circle Hotel Will Be First in the World to Generate More Than It Consumes

Norwegian architecture and design firm Snøhetta has been commissioned to create a sustainable hotel at the foot of a glacier located just above the Arctic Circle. Building in such an environmentally fragile location has called for innovative solutions and Snøhetta has delivered in a big way through their design. Svart will be the world’s first Powerhouse hotel, meaning that it will generate more energy than it consumes.

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October 28, 2018

What is Minimalism? Learn the Intricacies & History of This Influential Aesthetic

Minimalism—it’s a word we often hear, but what does it really mean? Depending on your perspective, minimalism can pertain to many different things. For instance, the tiny house trend was partially driven by the idea of simple living. This minimalist lifestyle asks people to reflect on what’s really essential in their lives and reduce the clutter—whether physical or spiritual. Minimalism is also important to the visual arts and design.

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October 19, 2018

The Life and Work of Acclaimed Japanese Architect Tadao Ando

Acclaimed Japanese architect Tadao Ando has cultivated a visually rich, modern aesthetic that is truly his own. By balancing aspects of modernism with Japanese principals of design, Ando has been able to carve an impressive name for himself in the architecture world. His accomplishments include winning the 1995 Pritzker Prize. His career is all the more impressive when one considers that he’s largely self-taught.

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