July 7, 2019

How This One Painting Sparked the Impressionist Movement

Today, Impressionism remains one of the most popular and prevalent types of painting. Considered the catalyst of modern art, the Impressionist genre has played a pivotal role in art history, with its influence evident in a range of artistic practices. Having left such an important legacy, you may be wondering what could have set such a monumental movement in motion.

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March 25, 2019

How Berthe Morisot Broke Barriers to Become the First Female Impressionist

As the catalyst of modern art, it's no surprise that Impressionism remains one of art history's most innovative movements. Impressionist artists are known for their avant-garde approach to brushwork and interest in capturing fleeting impressions of the world around them. In addition to these technical developments, Impressionism was groundbreaking for another reason: its inclusion of women.

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