Art History

November 1, 2019

MIT Engineers Prove Da Vinci’s Design for World’s Largest Bridge Could Actually Work

Leonardo da Vinci’s body of work has fascinated and inspired generations of thinkers across all fields. In his notebook sketches, we’ve discovered meticulous notes of anatomy, as well as drafts of inventions far ahead of his time. Seated in his illustrative list of ideas, among the helicopter and parachute, is also a design for a 280-meter-long (918-foot-long) bridge that—had it been completed—would have been the longest bridge in the world at the time.

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October 20, 2019

How Alphonse Mucha’s Sinuous Art Nouveau Posters Elevated Printmaking as an Art Form

At the end of the 19th century, a movement of “new art” swept through Europe. Characterized by an interest in stylistically reinterpreting the beauty of nature, artists from across the continent adopted and adapted this avant-garde style. As a result, it materialized in sub-movements like the Vienna Secession in Austria, Modernisme in Spain, and, most prominently, Art Nouveau in France. The French Art Nouveau style was embraced by artists working in a range of mediums.

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