Art Supplies

January 30, 2024

These Supplies Will Help You Ace Our Acrylic Painting Masterclass

Perfecting your artistic techniques isn't easy, but thankfully some skilled artists are willing to share their knowledge to help you up your game. This includes Luiza Niechoda, who is known for her contemporary pixelated landscape paintings. Niechoda teaches My Modern Met Academy's Acrylic Painting Masterclass. In it, she shows students several tools and techniques that can be applied to any style of art.

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November 29, 2023

20 Gifts for Illustrators That Will Inspire Them To Keep Drawing

If you know an illustrator, you know that they’re experts in visualizing ideas, stories, and much more. Whether they’re already a seasoned professional or just starting to make a career change, those in the field of illustration are constantly drawing, painting, and creating. So, why not give them something to help and inspire their creativity? We’ve curated 20 brilliant gift ideas for illustrators, from art materials to inspiring books.

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March 25, 2023

10 Best Canvases for Beginners and Professional Artists

There are few events more exciting for an artist than receiving new art supplies. And while a set of paints may inspire colorful designs, choosing a good quality canvas is just as important in creating your work of art. Experienced portrait painters, for instance, may prefer a pre-primed linen canvas that will enhance the luminosity and flow of the paint.

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