April 15, 2022

Doodling Artist Chronicles His Romantic Journey in Interactive Exhibit

British artist Sam Cox creates bold, densely-packed drawings under the moniker Mr. Doodle. Made up of symbols, characters, shapes, and other motifs, these sprawling scribbles are as iconic as their creator. And while it may be hard to extract what is going on in these clustered pieces, most of their inspiration derives from Mr. Doodle's life. His first solo exhibition Mr.

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April 8, 2022

Expressive Blots of Ink Capture the Erratic Essence of Feline Bodies

When working with ink or watercolor, you don't always know what will happen. Serbian artist Endre Penovác, however, has learned to embrace the effortless twists and turns of these water-based mediums in his series of cat illustrations. Beginning with a blot of black pigment, Penovác manipulates the flow until it mimics the sinuous shape of a feline.

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