November 1, 2022

Learn How To Illustrate When You Enroll in These Expert-Led Online Classes

Illustration is a fantastic way to express yourself. By utilizing drawing and painting techniques, you can craft images that are slices of life, completely born in your imagination, or a combination of the two. My Modern Met Academy is here to support you in your illustration journey. We’re dedicated to helping you unleash your creativity through e-learning and have courses that are ideal for perfecting your skills. Enthralled by cities?

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September 21, 2022

14 Illustrated Mental Health Facts That Educate While Breaking the Stigmas Surrounding It

Illustrator and author Holly Chisholm is using her creative skills as a way to help others feel less alone. She has created illustrative visualizations of mental health statistics, selecting 14 important facts that are enhanced by her charming artwork. In pairing the colorful images with research and stats, she is hoping to educate her audience while dismantling the stigma around mental health.

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