January 18, 2021

Expressive Oil Paintings Highlights Inner Thoughts and Emotions Through Flurries of Brushstrokes

Korean artist Taeil Kim merges creamy and bold textures to create moving abstract portraits. While the feminine figures in his oil paintings appear still, they are adorned by a flurry of spontaneous brushstrokes that are bursting with color and movement. The combination of these styles results in an intriguing portrayal of semi-clouded women. Kim's unique style is influenced by several great masters known for their expressive paintings, including the Flemish artist Rembrandt.

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December 27, 2020

Dreamlike Paintings Imagine Women Holding Cats Formed by Their Own Long Hair

For centuries, cats have served as both inspirations for works of art and as companions for many artists themselves. Korean creative Jang Koal continues this long-standing tradition of feline-inspired art in her own dreamy style. Her series of paintings called Mirage Cat depicts beautiful, raven-haired women holding black cats that are actually made up of their own glossy locks.

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December 4, 2020

Artist Copes With Lockdown Fatigue by Painting Immersive Landscapes

When seeking inspiration, many artists will turn to the beauty of the natural environment. For painter Luiza Niechoda, rendering immersive oil landscapes is more than just a creative outlet though. After feeling the fatigue from the COVID-19 lockdowns, she began a series of tranquil forest paintings entitled Quiet Escape. These mesmerizing canvases gave her a way to cope with the difficulties brought on by the pandemic.

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November 7, 2020

Artist Celebrates Happy Moments With Hyperrealistic Paintings of Bows and Balloons [Interview]

Bows and balloons are associated with some of the happiest events in life, like celebrating birthdays and opening gifts. Spanish artist Mónica Ajenjo uses these joyful memories as the inspiration for her incredible hyperrealistic paintings. Much like the Pop artists from the 1960s, she takes these ordinary objects that we often take for granted and highlights their luminous beauty.

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