September 25, 2021

Exquisite Oil Paintings Immortalize the Forgotten Moments of Everyday Life

Germany-based artist Kate Waters celebrates the unexpected beauty of the mundane in her realistic oil paintings. From interior scenes of people sitting at tables to nighttime depictions of car-lined streets, she captures moments of modern life that are familiar to everyone, yet rarely immortalized on canvas. Her newest exhibition titled Apotheosis of the Real exemplifies this fascination with a series of paintings inspired by understated urban living.

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September 15, 2021

Impressionism and ‘Star Wars’ Collide in Paintings Inspired by a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Turkish artist Naci Caba creates fantastical artworks based on science fiction. Some of his most popular pieces are his original Star Wars-themed oil paintings, which take fan art to a whole new level. From X-wing starfighters whizzing through the atmosphere to views of the imposing Death Star looming above the horizon, his epic canvases are sure to delight any die-hard devotee. Caba made illustrations for stories and coloring books before he began working with oil paint.

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September 4, 2021

Massive Watercolor Paintings “Bloom” on Paper Showcasing the Delicate Beauty of Flowers

Who doesn't love the idea of a bountiful bouquet? Well, artist Janet Pulcho creates massive, human-sized blooms that can live forever. Her series of large watercolor paintings capture the ethereal beauty of different flowers, from poppies to peonies. “I like florals for their aesthetics,” Pulcho tells My Modern Met. “There is enough ugliness in the world and I believe that my paintings can bring something beautiful and inspiring into other people’s life.

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August 12, 2021

Stunning Oil Paintings Capture Beautiful Landscapes From Countries Around the World

Atlanta-based artist Courtney Myers continues to travel the world through her oil paintings. Since completing her depiction of the lush Isle of Skye in Scotland in January 2021, she has “visited” four other unique countries and captured some of their iconic landscape on canvas. “Landscapes have been my passion over the past couple of years and painting landscapes from different countries seemed very interesting to me,” Myers explains to My Modern Met.

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