October 10, 2019

Artist Reimagines Famous Artwork from the Past as Exquisite Hyperrealistic Portraits

Artist Joongwon Jeong puts a hyperrealistic twist on iconic artwork and famous people from the past. He’s brought new life, for instance, to both Michelangelo’s God and Adam that appeared in the celebrated Sistine Chapel fresco. The two subjects, reimagined with Jeong’s masterful painting skills, look like they could be photographs. He showcases fine wrinkles and sunspots on the skin and hair that you could run your fingers through.

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October 1, 2019

Pixelated Palette Knife Paintings Capture Energetic Cityscapes in Hazy Hues

British artist Jason Anderson creates colorful abstract paintings composed of pixelated swatches of pastel-toned oil paint. Up-close, the artist’s paintings look like blocky layers of shapes and color; but, from afar, his scenes—featuring cityscapes, roads, trains, and marinas—are revealed. Anderson began his career as a stained glass apprentice, where he worked on restoring the windows of cathedrals.

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September 15, 2019

Interview: Vibrant Beauty of Mountainscapes as Jewel-Like Geometric Paintings

Contemporary landscape artist Elyse Dodge captures the beauty of the world’s mountainscapes by visually deconstructing them into minimal, geometric compositions. Through exploring the contrast between the hard and soft forms in nature, she sees the world in color, shape, and light. The talented artist’s eye-catching landscape paintings reimagine cliffs and peaks as bold polygonal shapes, while seas and forests are contrasted in soft, painterly brushstrokes.

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September 3, 2019

Amazing Galaxy Painting in a Swimming Pool Lets You Take a Dive That’s Out of This World

Artist Ania Amador transformed an ordinary swimming pool into a stellar basin that is out of this world. Created as a commission, the outer space scene is painted in the base of the sprawling pool and adjacent jacuzzi. The resulting artwork is both massive in scale and impressive in its attention to detail. The composition features an astronaut, asteroids, and faraway planets surrounding a colorful swirl; it makes going underwater an extraordinary experience.

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