March 30, 2020

Artist Fills Her Sketchbooks With Vibrant Landscape Paintings Inspired by Studio Ghibli Films

Artist Tara Jane Crandon fills her sketchbooks with portals to fantastical natural settings. On each page, she paints a new bucolic scene fit for a fairy tale. From lavish botanical gardens canopied by overhanging trees to rainy sidewalk streets to a castle nestled in the mountains, Crandon’s sketchbooks are a feast for the eyes and imagination.

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March 21, 2020

12 Best Oil Paints for Beginners and Professionals

Whether you’ve just started painting or are a professional, chances are you’ve considered using oil paint. From Rembrandt to Monet, oil paint is the hallmark of the Old Masters, its slow drying time allowing artists to manipulate the medium over an extended period. In one form or another, oil paint has existed since ancient Greece, though it came into popular use during the Northern Renaissance.

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March 13, 2020

9 of the Best Paint Palettes for Mixing Your Favorite Types of Pigments

The palette is an unsung hero of painting. It’s where you’ll harmonize your color choices and mix all those great hues to create wondrous works of art. Although the variations of this tool might seem the same, not all palettes are created equal. Our guide introduces you to some of the highest-rated palettes that you’ll use time and again.

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March 12, 2020

Expressive Palette Knife Paintings Capture the Vibrancy of the Animal Kingdom

When we first wrote about Moscow-based artist Anastasia Ablogina back in 2018, we focused on her textured palette knife paintings that capture the majestic beauty of whales. The talented artist is still creating work inspired by the world’s ocean giants, but her portfolio has also expanded to feature an entire range of animals, from foxes and rabbits to owls and sea turtles.

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