May 14, 2022

Hyperrealistic Painting Captures Penguins Preparing to Dive Into the Water

We're no strangers to Sophie Green‘s spectacular animal portraits. The UK-based artist uses her masterful painting skills to create hyperrealistic renditions of animals both big and small to help raise awareness of their vulnerability. Not only that, but Green also donates 10% of her profits to wildlife and conservation charities. Plight of the Flightness is one of her latest finished paintings.

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April 24, 2022

Thought-Provoking Paintings Pair Real-life Observations With Subtle Humor

Whether it's adding stripes to a tiger or plucking petals from human-sized flowers, Toni Hamel dreams up uncanny scenarios and brings them to life in her realistic paintings. The Canada-based artist combines her observations of the world with her own personal experiences to create understated compositions with a humorous undertone. Hamel approaches each new work with a realistic style that appears to place these whimsical narratives on a stage with a “painted on” backdrop.

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April 13, 2022

Learn To Let Your Paint Brush Flow in This Freeing Abstract Floral Art Class

There are many ways to paint flowers. One of the most common methods is to depict them as lifelike blooms, but you might try something a bit different—imagining them as abstract forms. This can mean a variety of styles, and it’s daunting to know where to begin. Let artist Nitika Ale guide you in her class titled Dream Your Own Abstract Acrylic Floral Paintings on My Modern Met Academy.

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