January 13, 2023

How to Get Paint Out of Your Clothes, From Acrylics to Oils

If you’ve ever gotten paint on your clothes, you likely know the feeling that accompanies it. There is a wave of dread that washes over you—even more so if it’s a beloved shirt or pair of pants. With pigments like acrylic or oil paint, it might seem like they are now a permanent part of the garment. But if you get a spot on your favorite shirt, not all is lost.

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December 25, 2022

Exquisite Landscape Paintings Contained Within Portraits of Wild Animals

Animals become one with their environment in Sujay Sanan‘s watercolor paintings. The South Africa-based artist uses the silhouettes of foxes, birds, and other creatures as the frames for realistic depictions of natural landscapes, reversing the way animals blend into their habitats. Sanan finds inspiration for this ongoing project in South Africa's flora and fauna, particularly the wilderness of the Western Cape.

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December 12, 2022

Stunning Drip Paintings of Enigmatic Faces Emerging From Behind Colorful Veils

Artist Steven Castillo puts his own spin on traditional portraiture. His series of acrylic paintings depict enigmatic female figures with cloth covering their faces and bodies, reminiscent of classical sculptures. Instead of a transparent veil, however, this material is filled with mesmerizing marble patterns in an array of psychedelic colors. To create these unusual fluid patterns, Castillo employs an acrylic pouring technique, which involves adding puddles of colors to the canvas in multiple layers.

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