Oil Painting

July 3, 2024

Oil Painting of Sir David Attenborough Is Revealed in Celebration of His 40 Years of Work

Few voices are as familiar and far-reaching as that of Sir David Attenborough. The 98-year-old British broadcaster and natural historian has been a fixture on the BBC and other programs for generations, showing the beauties of the world to audiences throughout the decades. In recent years, he has increasingly focused on expressing the perils of manmade climate change and destruction, hoping to inspire each person that his voice reaches to care about the planet.

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June 13, 2024

Stunning Oil Paintings of Mysterious Children Lost in Thought

For his first solo exhibition, artist Mark Pugh put together a series of 20 oil paintings that not only showcase his technical skills but also highlight his narrative capabilities. Each painting, inspired by his four daughters, offers a glimpse inside a storybook world. And while Pugh guides us with the titles, he allows the viewer to write the full story.

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April 15, 2024

Painter Transforms Vintage Oil Artworks Into Playfully Pixelated Paintings

Dresden-based artist André Schulze specializes in modifying vintage paintings and turning them into something new. He selects old German paintings from the early to mid-20th century and reworks them with “precision and subtle irony to give them a new life.” His latest body of work transforms these art pieces of yesteryear into partially pixelated paintings. Schulze's contemporary intervention is selective.

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February 21, 2024

Watch The Beatles Music Video Made of 1,300 Oil Paintings

Over half a century after they released their final album, The Beatles continue to earn accolades. At the 2024 Grammy Awards, the Fab Four picked up the trophy for Best Music Video, for the song “I'm Only Sleeping.” To mark the release of the remastered version of their daring 1966 album Revolver, visual artist Em Cooper was commissioned to create a video for this track.

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