March 15, 2018

Exotic Island Sculptures Made From Layers of Psychedelic Patterns

Texas-based artist Terry Hays creates cross-cultural, abstract sculptures adorned with ornate, colorful patterns. Made by cutting and assembling hand-painted pieces of wood and plastic, Hays’ sprawling works are like large-scale pop-up books, bursting with psychedelic landscapes. Hays explains, “My own personal work has followed a never ending path in search of defining and redefining the urban and rural landscape that surrounds me.

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February 27, 2018

Mesmerizing Pieces Reveal the Textured Beauty of Thousands of Found Seashells

London-based multimedia sculptor Rowan Mersh creates mesmerizing textural artworks with seashells. By meticulously arranging thousands of the same type of shell, each of Mersh’s wall-mounted and stand-alone sculptures capture the organic material’s natural beauty. Although seashells are physically solid, the artist often manages to capture their delicacy by achieving a soft, ruffled fabric effect. Conscious of his environmental impact, Mersh sources the seashells from sustainable shellfish farmers and harvesters from around the world.

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February 6, 2018

“Incomplete” Sculptures Capture the Playful and Timid Personalities of Children

Norwegian artist Lene Kilda creates figurative sculptures inspired by the emotions and personalities of children. Believing that body language is “their purest form of communication,” Kilda visualizes each childlike pose with cement-sculpted hands and feet, and fragments of textured clothing made from colored, metal mesh. The “incomplete” pieces invite the viewer to use their imagination to fill in the visual gaps and illusory contours, and perhaps delve into their own childhood memories.

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February 1, 2018

Surreal Animal Sculptures Made of Metallic Branches Pay Homage to the Gifts of Nature

Korean artist Kang Dong Hyun creates animal-shaped, metal sculptures that look as though they are formed from delicate tree branches and twigs. However, instead of being sculpted and assembled with organic sources—like the work of traditional hedge artists—Dong Hyun’s animal sculptures are made from industrial material, taking the appearance of metallic shrubbery. The ethereal works of three-dimensional art portray majestic animals such as lions, elephants, and horses.

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