January 13, 2022

Shimmering Metallic Branches “Grow” To Form Elegant Animal Sculptures

Twigs and branches create spectacular trees and highlight the power and beauty of the natural world. Using that same concept, artist Kang Dong Hyun produces awe-inspiring animal sculptures that are born from these types of complex systems. With the visual motif of branches and pathways, the Korean creative forms bodies and facial features that resemble lions, bears, moose, and more. There is a dichotomy at play in Kang’s work.

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December 9, 2021

49-Foot-Tall Three-Headed Dragon Statue Breathes Real Fire in Russia

From medieval fairytales to the recent Game of Thrones series, dragons have fascinated people for centuries. Many cultures from around the world have their own interpretation of this mythical creature, and in Russia and Ukrainian folklore, it is a monstrous dragon called Zmei Gorynich (meaning “Dragon, the Son of the Mountain”). In fact, fantasy fans have the opportunity to see a life-size version of the villain at the Russian theme park Kudykina Gora.

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November 15, 2021

Artist Carves Impossibly Small Bird Sculptures You Need a Microscope To Fully Appreciate

The sharpened tip of a pencil is small, but French artist Marie Cohydon’s work is smaller. She offers a side-by-side comparison of her carved bird sculptures, and the minuscule scale, coupled with the incredible detail, is awe-inspiring. Cohydon does things that seem impossible at a size barely bigger than a pinhead; a toucan opens its mouth, for instance, and a bird spreads its articulated wings.

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November 4, 2021

7-Foot-Tall Mister Rogers Statue Commemorates the Beloved Children’s TV Host

For over 30 years, Mister Rogers entertained and educated children with his beloved TV program Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Now, his alma mater Rollins College is honoring his life and work with a massive bronze sculpture of Rogers and his puppet character, Daniel Tiger, entertaining a group of children. The 7-foot-tall statue, entitled A Beautiful Day for a Neighbor, was unveiled at a private ceremony on October 28 in the Chapel Garden courtyard on campus.

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