April 18, 2018

Artist Transforms Discarded Aluminum Cans Into Incredible Hand-Sculpted Art

Detroit-born artist Noah Deledda turns trash into treasure by transforming old aluminum cans into sculptures. Made entirely by hand, the artist uses his thumb to create dents and creases in the disposable object’s surface, resulting in incredible three-dimensional sculptures adorned in flawless, geometric patterns. Deledda reveals, “Through sculpture I try to create something unique out of an ordinary object.” His process begins by scratching away the can’s commercial design.

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April 6, 2018

Giant Angel Formed With Over 100,000 Knives Confiscated by Police

Sculptor Alfie Bradley works with improbable materials to create incredible works of art. And with his sculpture Knife Angel, he also used his work to send a strong social message about the dangers of knife violence. Formed from over 100,000 knives turned over to 43 police stations around the UK during confiscations and amnesties, the powerful, 27-foot-tall sculpture is a reminder of how many lives could be saved if people put down their weapons.

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March 21, 2018

Mesmerizing Laser-Cut Wood Sculptures Feature Layers of Intricate Patterns

Oakland-based artist Gabriel Schama creates mesmerizing, laser-cut wood relief sculptures that feature layers of intricate swirls and abstract patterns. A myriad of geometric lines and ancient symbols take the shape of human silhouettes and mandala-like designs. Some pieces look like the pulsing inner cogs of a mechanical clock, while others resemble ornate, cathedral ceilings.

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March 11, 2018

How Marble Sculptures Have Inspired Artists and Captivated Audiences for Millenia

Throughout art history, sculptors have experimented with an eclectic range of mediums. While cast bronze, carved wood, and fired clay have made lasting impressions, no material has captivated quite like marble. Prevalent in ancient and contemporary art alike, marble artworks have a prominent place in many major art movements and are among some of the most famous sculptures in the world.

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