April 1, 2024

Artist Gives Vintage Pianos a Second Life by Turning Them Into Sweeping Phoenix Sculptures

For many, pianos are more than simple musical instruments, especially for those who have one at home. But once they decay and become unplayable, saying goodbye can feel like sending a beloved heirloom to a landfill. Fortunately, Australian sculptor David Cox has come up with an alternative that sees this beautiful instrument rise from the ashes—figuratively. The artist turns the keys and other parts from broken-down pianos into sweeping phoenix-shaped sculptures.

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February 15, 2024

Artist Beautifies Rooms With Traditional Art of Bas-Relief Sculptures on Walls

Artist Goga Tandashvili mesmerizes us with his contemporary relief sculpture. He takes this traditional art form, which has been used since antiquity, and breathes modern life into it. And in doing so, he brings contemporary elegance to the interiors that display his work. Looking at his finished pieces is spectacular, but it's really the in-process videos that he often publishes that show the real magic in his sculpture.

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January 24, 2024

Weathered Façades of Gritty Urban Buildings Are Meticulously Replicated in Tiny Sculptures

Browsing through Joshua Smith‘s portfolio of scale models feels like walking through a tiny city. The Australia-based artist spares no detail in his replicas of small businesses, restaurants, and gritty buildings. Everything from stacks of newspapers to graffiti has been carefully rendered to look just like the real-life inspiration. Smith has been creating miniatures since 2015. His projects have traveled through Asia, the U.S.

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