February 3, 2023

Magical Vase Sculptures Made From Dried and Pressed Flowers

Instead of placing flowers inside a vase, Shannon Clegg uses plants and blooms to construct the vessel itself. The UK-based artist employs her background in tailoring, crafts, and design to form exquisite objects from natural materials. This ongoing series, titled Bouquet, features vase-like sculptures constructed from colorful flowers that have been dried and pressed. Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Clegg has had a lifelong love for flora and traditional arts and crafts.

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January 24, 2023

Daniel Popper’s Surreal Sculpture in the Mojave Desert

Rising from the sands of California's Mojave desert, a woman's face and hand cut a striking figure. The work of South African sculptor Daniel Popper, the mosaicked installation sits at the Mojave Moon Ranch in Joshua Tree. Designed to remind visitors of their spiritual place in the universe, the monumental sculpture is both surreal and serene. The face, which is 32 feet tall, has all the characteristics that define Popper's work.

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January 16, 2023

Massive Sculpture of a Geometric Woman Pops Up in a Train Yard

When we think of unexpected installations or graffiti art in general, we don't often imagine something life-size. However, artist David Mesguich uses his background in graffiti and years of creative experience to push the boundaries of his experimental projects. His piece, Pressure 1.2, features a massive geometric sculpture of a female figure gesturing with one raised arm, which Mesguich constructed in his studio before abandoning it near a train yard in Nantes, France.

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January 4, 2023

The Surprisingly Heart-Wrenching History of Robert Indiana’s ‘LOVE’ Sculptures

Few sculptures have captured hearts quite like Robert Indiana's iconic LOVE series. Characterized by large-scale letters stacked to spell out the word “LOVE,” these sculptures add a Pop Art touch to their surroundings, from bustling city corners to busy college campuses. Though aesthetically simple and seemingly straightforward, the LOVE series actually boasts unexpected undertones—and a surprisingly heart-wrenching history. What is LOVE? The LOVE series is a collection of sculptures by Robert Indiana, an American artist.

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