June 21, 2018

Artist Spends 15 Months Constructing Ghostly Pirate Ship With Ordinary Found Materials

Tattooist Jason Stieva has been creating assemblage art for almost 20 years, extending his creativity beyond the flesh and into three-dimensional space. For the past nine years, he's been working on his Gothic Times series, which began when he acquired a portion of an old clockmakers estate. Mixing cases and mechanisms with other found materials, his sculptures are wildly surreal and filled with detail.

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June 11, 2018

Interview: Artist Creates Spellbinding Sculptures of Children Covered in Moss

Finnish artist Kim Simonsson stumbled upon sculpting while playing in the snow as a young child. While his peers were creating standard snowmen, he was crafting a model of Donald Duck. Since this unexpected epiphany, Simonsson has sculpted a range of fascinating figures, including his enchanting collection of Moss People. This spellbinding series features life-sized sculptures of children that appear to be molded out of vibrant and verdant moss.

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May 30, 2018

Illusion Artist “Ties” Fully Functioning Grandfather Clock Into a Knot

British sculptor Alex Chinneck creates mind-bending optical illusions that defy logic and change our perceptions of the material he uses. In the past we’ve seen him bend brick walls, curl tarmac, twist wooden columns, and make entire buildings appear to levitate in mid-air. His latest head-turning contemporary sculpture is an antique grandfather clock that appears to be tied in a knot. The artwork—titled Growing up gets me down—represents an exciting new venture for the artist.

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May 23, 2018

Artist Brings Rooms to Life With Impressionist-Inspired Relief Sculptures on Walls

Russian creative Goga Tandashvili adds an artistic touch to otherwise ordinary walls with his intricate bas-relief sculpture work. Using a combination of hand building and carving tools, the Russian sculptor brings nature-inspired scenes to life as they integrate seamlessly with their surroundings. Giant peacocks, bunches of blooms, and decorative flourishes rise from a flattened surface, resulting in large pieces that are part home decor and part stunning work of art.

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