May 16, 2022

Fun and Functional Glass Decanters Double as Elegant Animal Sculptures

Glass decanters are beautiful objects that add presentation style to wine, alcohol, and other liquids. American artist Charlie Matz adds his own twist to these classic serving jugs by creating decanters with exquisite sculptural elements inspired by animals. Fish, crabs, jellyfish, and more adorn the tops of these exquisite pieces, transforming them into fine art. Matz currently works at the Chicago-based glass studio Ignite Glass.

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April 9, 2022

Hypnotic Kinetic Sculpture Made of Traffic Mirrors Is a Reflection on Privacy

Spanish street artist SpY has created his first kinetic sculpture using 20 traffic mirrors. Reflection is a mesmerizing sculpture that, with every motion, asks the viewer to think about their own relationship with reflection and the environment. Known for his work dealing with contemporary cultural and political issues, the sculpture is a new evolution in SpY's social commentary. By using these convex mirrors—a fixture of the everyday urban landscape—SpY gives viewers a way to watch themselves.

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April 3, 2022

Innovative Artist “Draws” With Glass on Top of Her Delicate Sculptures

For over 30 years, Australian artist Clare Belfrage has created exquisite blown glass sculptures inspired by the natural world. With rounded corners and soothing pastel hues, her uniquely shaped pieces stand out for the delicate patterns drifting over their organic forms. Each of these ethereal designs is “drawn” with glass strips and sanded down until they merge with the rest of the sculpture.

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March 17, 2022

Retired Baseball Player Is Now an Artist Creating Resin and Wood Animal Sculptures

Retired baseball-player-turned-artist Blake McFarland creates sculptures of animals that are an enticing mixture of wood and epoxy resin. Combining the clear shine of resin with different colors of wood, the figures showcase the elegant beauty of the creatures’ forms while highlighting the materials and McFarland’s mastery of skills. One of McFarland’s latest pieces is The Whale, a title that speaks for itself.

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