December 12, 2017

Artist Turns Unwanted Scrap Metal into Magnificent Bird Sculptures

While some people visiting a junkyard might only see a pile of garbage, South Carolina-based upcycling artist Matt Wilson (aka Airtight Artwork) sees artistic potential. The talented craftsman transforms scrap metal, drift wood, and found objects into magnificent bird sculptures that look like they could come to life and fly away. Wilson says his work is a reflection of the environment he lives in.

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December 1, 2017

Artist Embeds Sparkling Spiral Vortexes into Tiny Glass Marbles

Adam Smolensky of Smo Glass compresses mystifying vortexes into small glass marbles. His colorful, handcrafted creations fit between your fingers, but as you look inside, they appear vast—as if their spirals could go on forever. While these coils are common motifs in Smolensky’s work, it’s just one facet of his marvelous designs.

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November 23, 2017

Artists Hand-Blow Molten Glass into Fallen Trees to Create Beautiful Sculptures

Artists Scott Slagerman and Jim Fishman create objects of beauty from molten glass and fallen trees. Working together, the two have sculpted abstract forms that combine warm woods with cheerful translucent tones. In each of the pieces, the remnants of the tree act as an unconventional vase for the glass, and it fits perfectly within the U-shaped crevice. It's as if the two disparate materials occur naturally.

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November 7, 2017

Floating Staircase Sculptures Made with Wire Look Like 3D Architecture Sketches

Last year we introduced you to the surreal architectural wire sculptures of Barcelona-based David Moreno. Describing his process as “drawing with sculpture,” his 3D works made from wire mimic scribbly line drawings. Continuing this technique, Moreno’s latest pieces are inspired by grand cathedral doorways and staircases. Starting out as frantic cross-hatched sketches, Moreno uses hundreds of steel rods and piano wire in varying lengths to create his surreal architectural scenes.

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