August 8, 2022

Red Statues of Putin Riding a Tank Pop Up in Parks Around the World

In Paris, Barcelona, and New York City, a red statue of Vladimir Putin has quietly made an appearance. The brainchild of French artist James Colomina, the statue shows the Russian leader riding a small tank like a child would ride a toy car. Colomina is known for his red sculptures that often comment on social issues, and after five months at war with Ukraine, Putin could not escape the artist's commentary.

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August 4, 2022

Artist Reimagines Classical Art and Architecture as Plush Textile Sculptures

When we think of three-dimensional fine art, we usually imagine statues in gleaming marble. Well, one artist is challenging our perception of “ideal” fine art with a series of plush sculptures. Barcelona-based artist Sergio Roger creates unique textile art inspired by classical art and architecture. From stately Roman busts to fragmented Greek columns, each of these pieces echoes the ancient past with a “soft” twist.

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August 1, 2022

Angels Emerge From the Walls in Amazing Life-Sized Relief Sculptures

Artist Hossein Behzadi sculpts figures that emerge from interior walls. His incredible relief art features portraits of women and angels that don sweeping wings and flowing garments. Created to match the walls they're on, the tonal artworks are full of so much life that they're ready to burst into living color. They are strong yet delicate, with Behzadi conveying the gentle drape of fabrics and slightly tousled hair using plaster and palette knives.

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July 12, 2022

Japanese Ceramicist Handcrafts Fanciful Sculptures of Enchanting Exotic Fruits

Japanese artist Kaori Kurihara sculpts fanciful ceramic sculptures of lusciously textured exotic fruits and vegetation, both real and imagined. Her exquisite pieces are heavily inspired by the plant world, especially the shapes and natural geometric repetition of forms in nature, which lend themselves to captivating motifs while also allowing for infinite diversity. Her first muse? The durian—a spiky fruit, commonly found in Southeast Asian regions, that is known for its pungent odor and distinct taste.

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