June 26, 2023

Brilliant Sculptural Stories Unfold From Carefully Crafted Pages of Books

Usually, when we read, the story comes alive in our heads. UK-based artist Emma Taylor takes this experience to a new level in her incredible book sculptures. Using discarded texts, she crafts three-dimensional animals and objects from the pages. From ships that sprout from antique atlases to insects flying from animal guides, these carefully-modeled sculptures playfully interact with their original source. Taylor spends countless hours finding materials for her art.

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June 20, 2023

Sculptures of Fragmented Travelers Find Their Home on the Amalfi Coast

Artist Bruno Catalano‘s fragmented sculptures have touched down on the Amalfi Coast. Four of his Travelers are displayed on the waterfront, with the stunning Amalfi landscape filtering through their fractured bodies. As a French artist with Italian origins who was born in Morocco, Catalano feels a strong kinship with these voyagers, who walk with suitcases in hand.

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May 30, 2023

Lyrical Sculptures Fuse the Beauty of Nature With Elegant Human Movement

There’s a lyrical beauty in the figurative sculptures of Jonathan Hateley. Constructed out of hand-painted bronze and bronze resin, the pieces combine human movement with nature motifs. The elegant subjects are cloaked in leaves, webbing, blossoms, and more. They evoke unity with their surroundings, which are often among gardens or have the backdrop of a field or forest.

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