March 1, 2024

Six Decades of Elliott Erwitt’s Iconic New York Street Photography

French-American photographer Elliott Erwitt is known for his whimsical images of life in New York City. Now, some of his best work featuring the city has been pulled together in a revised edition of Elliott Erwitt's New York. The publication is a fitting tribute to the photographer, who died on November, 2023 at age 95. From the moment he landed in New York in 1948, his camera was his constant companion.

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February 1, 2024

Fore-Edge Book Painter Carries On Critically Endangered Craft

Decorating the edges of book pages is a tradition spanning hundreds of years. Although it is rumored to have gotten its start as a way for British royals to identify their books, it transformed into an intricate art form that includes portraits, landscapes, and scenes from novels. Despite its beauty, this craft is considered critically endangered, with few people still practicing it around the world.

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December 19, 2023

Book Reveals Hundreds of Frida Kahlo’s Fascinating Personal Photography Collection

Frida Kahlo was not only a great painter, but she was also a collector. When she died, much of this collection was placed into storage after certain objects were selected for display in her home-turned-museum, La Casa Azul. This included over 6,000 photographs that show Kahlo's interests, tastes, and the people she held most dear. Now, thanks to a newly reissued publication, the public can gain even more insight into her life.

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