October 17, 2020

3D Landscape Embroidery Captures Colorful Aerial Views of Rural England

Those who love to fly know that there's nothing better than peering out of an airplane window to see the landscape below as a patchwork of abstract shapes and colors. Inspired by aerial views, textile artist Victoria Rose Richards creates colorful, 3D embroidery designs based on the rural landscape of her hometown of Plymouth, England. Each highly-detailed piece looks like a textile snapshot taken from the sky.

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September 9, 2020

Artist Embroiders U.S. Flag on Cover of TIME Magazine as a Call for Change [Interview]

Artist Nneka Jones has been busy since graduating college four months ago. She gained recognition—and rightfully so—for her portraits highlighting Black girls and women who have faced injustices. The embroidered images are powerful and use circular motifs to symbolize how the subjects are targets within our society. Jones’ latest project—the coveted cover for TIME magazine—takes another conceptual approach, this time applying it to the United States flag.

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July 22, 2020

Embroidered Brooches Look Like Real Butterflies Perched on Your Jacket

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to have a butterfly land on you, you probably enjoyed a brief close-up look at its beautiful colors and patterns. Catching a glimpse of these delicate insects is no easy feat, but British artist Georgie Emery creates a textile alternative to the real thing that you can look at for as long as you like.

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