March 17, 2023

Give Your Embroidery a Voice When You Learn to Stitch Letters

One of the best skills to have as an embroiderer is an ability to stitch letters. In being able to embroider letterforms, you can personalize a project or open up your imagery to include quotes or other letter-focused work. If you've ever wanted to try monograms, this is the perfect opportunity. It might seem like a challenge to embroider letters.

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January 15, 2023

29 Hand Embroidery Patterns Ready to Download and Start Sewing

Embroidery is a humble craft that only takes a few inexpensive supplies to get started. It's great news for anyone interested in beginning their own embroidery practice. But once you’ve got your hoop and a rainbow-colored selection of floss, now comes the eternal question: what do you want to sew? You can make up your own images, of course, but many newbies and advanced stitchers alike enjoy completing embroidery patterns created by other people.

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December 6, 2022

Craft Your Own Beautiful Hoop Art When You Use These Embroidery Supplies

What tools do you need for embroidery? It’s a good question and one that embroidery artist Floor Giebels is eager to answer. She teaches an online course called Intermediate Embroidery: Getting Creative with Printed Fabrics in which she shows you how to create images, print them on fabric, and then use thread to enhance the photograph. Giebels starts by sourcing images and then printing them at home.

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November 25, 2022

Breathtaking Vistas Come Alive in Vivid Thread-Painted Embroidery Art

From palm tree-dotted beaches to peaceful green meadows, Cassandra Dias journeys to beautiful destinations through her embroidery practice. Since 2020, the California-based artist has channeled her love for traveling and natural vistas—fueled by the coronavirus pandemic—into immersive hand-stitched creations. At a distance, it is hard to tell that these artworks are made with a needle and thread.

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