February 7, 2024

Artists Merge Thread Painting With the Japanese Art of Kintsugi on Vintage Plates

When artists with two different styles come together, magic can happen. That is certainly the case with the collaboration between embroidery artist Katerina Marchenko and mixed-media artist Artashes Sardarian. They've merged Marchenko's embroidery on tulle with Sardarian's kintsugi to great effect. The pair worked together using vintage plates, tulle, embroidery thread, and gold. The results are delicate mixed-media pieces where Marchenko's embroidered eyes and hands peer out from holes in the punctured ceramics.

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December 11, 2023

Artist Masterfully Embroiders Dried and Preserved Flowers on Delicate Tulle

Rather than create designs with floral motifs, Olga Prinku goes straight to the source. The UK-based artist stitches real dried and preserved flowers onto delicate tulle fabric, merging nature with the beauty of traditional craftsmanship. As one might imagine, working with such fragile materials demands extreme concentration. Prinku uses stems that can be as thin as 0.03 centimeters, and stitches them into the equally fine texture of tulle.

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August 14, 2023

Embroidery Artists Are Using a Needle and Thread to “Paint” Gorgeous Stitched Art

The art of hand embroidery has many techniques for stitching designs onto fabric. Just like approaches you’d find in drawing, there are a variety of ways to create images in thread that range from stylized to lifelike. For those that want to incorporate realistic imagery or the feeling of movement into their stitching, thread painting is the technique to use.   What is the thread painting craft?

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June 4, 2023

Large Scale Thread Portraits Are Masterfully Embroidered on Tulle

We are accustomed to seeing embroidery made on a small scale, but artist Katerina Marchenko takes this art form and makes it lifesize. Using colorful strands of yarn, she renders massive human portraits on delicate tulle and showcases the endless possibilities this medium has to offer. Marchenko shows how she approaches each piece via her social media.

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