November 21, 2022

French Law Now Requires Large Parking Lots To Be Covered in Solar Panels

“They paved paradise and put up a parking lot,” lamented Joni Mitchell in her 1970 hit “Big Yellow Taxi.” An anthem dedicated to appreciating nature before it's gone, the words are as relevant 50 years later as when they were first sung. With much of the world very dependent on cars, parking lots fill landscapes around the world. The dark pavement absorbs the Sun's rays, creating heat islands which trap heat in urban areas.

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November 12, 2022

Bring Your Broken Electronics to a “Repair Cafe” To Save Money and the Environment

Microwaves, power drills, and TV remotes are all things that seem to break at the worst possible moments. Although manufacturers prefer that consumers merely replace their items, repairing them could save landfill build-up. While repairs at a standard store might be as expensive as replacing the item, innovative pop-up “repair cafes” around the world offer a cost-effective alternative to waste.

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October 26, 2022

Student Designs 3D-Printed Robot Fish That Filters Microplastics From Water

The presence of microplastics in bodies of water is an alarming issue. These small pieces of plastic, the size of sesame seeds or smaller, present real risks to both humans and animals. But thanks to an ingenious design by student Eleanor Mackintosh, eliminating microplastics from water just got a bit easier. Her 3D robot fish named Gillbert, which sucks up these small plastics, won her the University of Surrey’s Natural Robotics Contest.

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October 1, 2022

Experts Recognize Bicycles as the Future of Sustainability in Cities

Autonomous vehicles (AV) are often touted as being the transportation of the future. While the technology is still deeply questionable in its safety and efficacy, some network scientists, climate activists, and urban planners are convinced that AVs do not hold the key to futuristic travel, at least in cities. Instead, the simple manual—or not so simple electric—bicycle is the key to sustainable cities with less congestion and increased mobility.

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