Landscape Photography

December 3, 2022

Icy Wilderness of Antarctica Captured in Beautifully Blue Landscape Photos

From Iceland to Greenland, landscape photographer Jan Erik Waider is well-versed in capturing snowy locations off the beaten path. In his series A Faint Resemblance, he journeys to the southernmost part of our planet to bring lesser-seen depictions of Antarctica's solitary wilderness. These blue-tinted photographs highlight the extreme beauty of this polar region. Waider visited Antarctica at the end of 2019 via the ship Bark Europa.

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October 12, 2022

Dramatic Storm Waves Crashing Into a Lighthouse Win Weather Photography Contest

Dramatic waves crashing into a lighthouse earned photographer Christopher Ison the title of Weather Photographer of the Year in the Royal Meteorological Society's annual contest. Held in association with AccuWeather, the photo contest is a celebration of weather in all forms. And so, fittingly, the winning photos take us on a journey through icy storms and stunning rainbows.

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September 24, 2022

Photographer Uses UV Light To Create Otherworldly Glowing Landscapes on Earth

Photographer Cody Cobb reveals the hidden luminescence of the American West in his intriguing photo series Spectral. Over time, Cobb discovered that certain minerals and organic materials emit a glow when exposed to UV light, and this knowledge has formed the basis for the images. Using UV light and long exposure photography, Cobb uncovers a different side to familiar landscapes.

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August 25, 2022

Photographer Explores Icebergs and Village Life on Greenland’s Iconic Disko Bay

It has been three years since photographer Albert Dros last visited Greenland, but the passage of time hasn't changed the country's beauty. Dros just came back from a month in Disko Bay, where he photographed red sailboats amidst icebergs, as well as the surrounding countryside. In doing so, he gives us a wide-ranging perspective on the oft-photographed bay. As in his first expedition, Dros set out with Iceland Photo Tours.

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