May 13, 2020

Amazing Winners of the BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition

Life on Earth has once again been showcased in all its glory thanks to the BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition. Each year the event, which is run by the California Academy of Sciences, attracts top nature and wildlife photographers, who submit their best work for consideration. As ever, the level of competition is high and, this year, the grand prize went to a photo of a brave animal facing a harsh winter storm.

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March 3, 2020

Winter Magic in Real Life: Beautiful Photos of Snow-Covered Forests

Photographer Heiko Gerlicher has always had a love for the forest. In fact, it's such an inspiration that it's the landscape photographer's main subject. His latest series Hoar Frost allows snow-covered trees to become shining stars, as their icy leaves create marvelous patterns. A look at his portfolio is like stepping into a magical winter wonderland plucked from a fairy tale.

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