May 22, 2018

Infrared Macro Photos Turn Ordinary Plant Life Into Technicolor Alien Flora

London creative studio FIELD has transformed the plant life of the Canary Islands into abstract alien lifeforms with their photography series Suprachromacy. Creative director Markus Wendt’s full-spectrum, macro photography presents the flora of Lanzarote in a manner that’s both artistic and unexpected. The island’s native plants, which have adapted themselves to a lack of water (in a manner similar to succulents), take on technicolor skin in these infrared photographs.

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May 10, 2018

700-Year-Old Dying Banyan Tree Is Being Revived With an IV Drip

A 700-year-old Banyan tree in India is receiving special treatment to help revive its dying branches. The tree, known as Pillalamarri, is a major tourist attraction in Mahabubnagar, as it was commonly known for its wide branches sprawling across 4 acres. But the influx of tourism may have contributed to its slow destruction, with maintenance work in the area as well as visitors damaging the tree, causing a slow death to the beloved Banyan.

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March 23, 2018

Free “Shazam for Nature” App Identifies Plants and Animals in Your Photos

Released earlier this month by iNaturalist—an online social network for nature enthusiasts—the new app, Seek, is part of an ongoing attempt to involve ordinary people in citizen science projects. Similar to Shazam—an app that allows you to identify music from audio recordings—the Seek app allows you to identify plants and animals from your photos by harnessing image recognition technology.

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