November 6, 2023

25 Powerful Winning Photos From the 2023 Nature Conservancy Photo Contest

The Nature Conservancy has announced the winner of its 2023 photo contest, which features images that help us connect to the power and peril of the natural world. After doubling the number of categories, the contest saw an explosion in the number of entries. In fact, entries nearly doubled over last year, with more than 80,000 photographers from 191 countries submitting over 189,000 photographs for consideration.

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August 5, 2023

If You Ever Come Across a Rock Cairn, Yosemite National Park Says to Knock It Over

People have used manmade rock stacks—also called rock cairns—since prehistoric times. These markers have served a myriad of purposes, but are usually placed to give directions to travelers and provide protection from the wind. However, while cairns have a long history, their function is currently being misused by many hikers and travelers. That is why Yosemite National Park reminds its visitors to knock over any rock stacks they see.

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June 16, 2023

Hiking App Releases Over 25,000 Trail Maps for Free Download, Making It Safer to Hike

Many hikers have a story about accidentally going off a trail. They thought they were headed in the right direction only to find that they’d strayed far from their intended path. At best this is a minor frustration. At worst, it’s dangerous and requires a rescue mission. Hiking apps are a big help, as they often provide routes and reviews of trails. But what if you don't have any cell reception?

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May 9, 2023

Vibrant Fungi Photos Capture the Beauty of Nature and Nostalgic Memories of Foraging for Mushrooms

Though Barbora Batokova grew up in the city, she's always been a country girl at heart. In fact, she has fond memories of time spent with her family outside the city foraging mushrooms. This love of mushrooms stayed with her as she moved from her native Czech Republic to the United States for university. And as a way to stay connected with her heritage, she revisited the idea of photographing and foraging mushrooms.

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