August 12, 2020

National Park Service Designs Hilarious PSA Poster About Bear Safety

If you're hiking in the woods and you come across a bear, what do you do? You might be tempted to panic and run, pushing your slower friends behind you as an offering to the giant omnivore, but this is not the right course of action. In fact, the bear experts at the National Park Service (NPS) have created a hilarious PSA to make sure you know that this is wrong.

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July 23, 2020

IKEA Wants to Help You Design Your Own Bee Home for Free

We humans owe a great deal of gratitude to bees. A third of what we eat is the direct result of the tiny insects' commendable work ethic. About 80% of all worldwide pollination is due to the tireless efforts of the tiny but fierce workforce. Unfortunately, in the process of building our homes and cultivating our gardens, we have delivered a heavy blow to the livelihood of these fuzzy pollinators.

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July 14, 2020

Clever Hummingbird Builds a Nest Complete With a Giant Leaf Roof

When conservationist Bianca Caroline Soares was on a walk near her home in Paraguay, she spotted a hummingbird nest unlike any other she had seen before. The tiny construction looked like a conventional nest, but it had one ingenious addition—a leaf roof. Positioned on the side of the home, the leaf provided ample shade as the creature nestled in her creation.

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