February 9, 2018

Land Artist Arranges Stones and Leaves Into Mesmerizing Mandalas and Spirals

Yorkshire-based artist James Brunt employs sticks, stones, and other ephemeral materials to create elaborate ephemeral art. Featuring intricate mandalas, infinite spirals, and one-of-a-kind sculptures, his series of outdoor installations continues contemporary art‘s tradition of creatively using nature as a canvas. Brunt produces his land art in a wide range of locations, including sandy beaches, wooded parks, and even lucky local schools.

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December 25, 2017

Gorgeous Turquoise Thermal Pools Glisten in Pamukkale, Turkey

If you seek surreal, out-of-this-world sites, you'll love this turquoise travel destination. Pamukkale (“cotton castle” in Turkish) is a tiny town and UNESCO World Heritage Site in southwestern Turkey that boasts 17 of the most spectacular water terraces in the world.  For thousands of years, people have journeyed to bathe in these hot springs, which range in temperature from 35 degrees Celsuis (95 degrees Fahrenheit) to 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit).

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October 27, 2017

Tokyo Greenhouse Turns into Multisensory Experience When You Touch the Plants

As part of Tokyo’s 2017 Design Touch event, design studio PARTY has created a technicolor greenhouse installation in the middle of Tokyo Midtown’s Grass Square. As part of the month-long festival—which focuses on “enjoying design through all five senses”—the interactive event combines colorful LED lights with seven different kinds of touch-sensitive Digital Vegetables. Visitors are invited to observe and learn about horticulture using touch, sight, and sound.

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