August 25, 2020

Watch How a BBC Film Crew Rescues Penguins Trapped in an Icy Ravine

BBC wildlife filmmakers are the first to acknowledge that nature can be harsh. But the general wisdom of these filmmakers, photographers, and researchers is that humans should not interfere with the natural order. During a filming session in Antarctica, however, their abilities were tested when they found penguins stranded at the bottom of an icy valley.

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August 14, 2020

Beautiful Animated Film Reveals a Close-Up View of Nature’s Growth and Life Cycles

Much of a garden's lifecycle passes quietly beneath our noses. Story of Flowers is an animated film by Azuma Makoto which celebrates the subtle drama of insects, roots, and plant growth. The video transforms nature into a work of art. Makoto, a flower artist, creates massive floral sculptures which are placed into scenes of daily life in Japan. His photography and videography allow these sculptures to come to life through their interaction with the community.

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August 8, 2020

Photographer Captures Magical Sight of Fireflies Dancing in a Japanese Forest at Night

While cherry blossom season marks the beginning of spring in Japan, there’s an equally beautiful natural phenomenon that happens in the summer. Beginning in June, Hime-hotaru fireflies illuminate the forests in a breathtaking display that looks just like a star-studded night sky. Japanese photographer and CG artist Yutaka Kagaya (aka KAGAYA) recently captured this otherworldly occasion with a stunning photo of fireflies dancing around a field of hydrangeas at night.

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