December 11, 2022

Deer Remembers a Famous Friend Years After He Helped Rescue Him

Years ago, an orphaned baby fawn found shelter on country singer Travis Tritt’s porch. It was a rainy morning, and the deer kept Tritt company as he sipped his coffee. His 45-acre property is a frequent place for wildlife to visit, but this little fawn got the star treatment. Tritt’s wife Theresa looked after the baby forest animal, naming him Oakley and bottle-feeding him. Once Oakley was old enough, he went out on his own.

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August 22, 2022

Natural Rock Formation Looks Like an Elephant Drinking from the Ocean

Sometimes, the natural landscape can bear an uncanny resemblance to creatures in the wild–one of these curious places is off the coast of Iceland. On the island of Heimaey, there is a rock formation that, from certain angles, looks like a massive elephant taking a drink out of the Atlantic Ocean. Two key elements contribute to this playful illusion.

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