Paper Art

February 25, 2023

Origami Artist Creates a Dragon Hunter Sculpture From a Single Piece of Paper

While typically used as a vehicle for artistic media, the creative possibilities of paper in and of itself can't be overlooked. Origami artist Chris Conrad knows this very well. He is known for his intricate origami sculptures made out of a single sheet of paper. One of his latest and most impressive pieces is a dragon slayer created from an uncut square of 27.5 inch (70 centimeter) painted Wenzhou paper.

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September 29, 2022

Artist Creates Mesmerizing Optical Illusions From Single Sheets of Paper

Using just a single sheet of white paper, Parth Kothekar can create mesmerizing works of art. The India-based designer has been cutting, slicing, and manipulating paper for many years, producing intricate pieces inspired by nature, architecture, and beyond. His latest series transforms plain sheets of paper into optical illusions reminiscent of Dutch master M.C. Escher‘s iconic prints.

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