Pen Drawing

January 15, 2023

People and Places Become One in Mesmerizing Portraits Drawn on Maps

Whether you're from a city or a small coastal town, the location of your home has a major impact on your life. Artist Ed Fairburn highlights the relationship between people and places through his ongoing series of drawings made on vintage maps. He uses his masterful skills to merge human portraits with the existing layout of towns and cities, seamlessly expressing the way in which our environment shapes who we are.

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October 28, 2022

The Weeknd Put an Artist’s Funny Drawing of Him as His Profile Picture

Sometimes art has a funny way of flattering people. An artist known as Ballpoint Papi (aka @Tw1tterPicasso) started sharing less than perfect portraits of strangers back in 2016. Characterized by their major physical distortions, hasty gestural style, and charming humor, the portraits quickly became sought after. Fans of the artist flooded the comments with requests for their own contorted portraits, to which Ballpoint Papi seemed to oblige.

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February 14, 2022

Artist Draws One Continuous Squiggly Line To Create Portraits of Famous Figures

Most drawings are made up of numerous lines, hatches, and marks, but that's not the case in the art of Tyler Foust. The Texas-based abstract artist creates captivating drawings with one long continuous line that never intersects. While he is best known for his puzzle-like pieces that contain hidden images, his latest work explores the best way to create distinct portraits in one line.

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