Pen Drawing

February 25, 2022

Mesmerizing Inked Spirals Created by a Hypnotic Drawing Machine

It's easy to be baffled by the art of James Nolan Gandy at first glance. These mesh-like drawings, which range from neon-colored to black and white, appear to fold, curve, and vibrate above the paper. If you think it would be impossible for someone to produce these illustrations, you wouldn't be wrong. But, you wouldn't be completely correct, either.

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November 13, 2021

Delicate Pen Drawings Pay Homage To Small Convenience Stores in South Korea

We might pass by a corner store without a second glance, but not Lee Me Kyeoung. The South Korean artist has made it her life’s work to chronicle these small—and often humble—shops before they close and disappear from their communities. Me Kyeoung's delicate pen drawings depict these places as solitary subjects against a stark white background, at most surrounded by a few trees.

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August 2, 2021

B&W Pen Drawings Celebrate Fantastic Architecture of Beloved Pop Culture Universes

Whether on screen or in writing, there's no denying that there's a lot of incredible architecture in some of our favorite fictional series. Architecture buffs will love these new illustrations compiled by Angi, which bring buildings from six beloved pop culture universes to life. From the Game of Thrones' Winterfell to Studio Ghibli's fantastical Howl's Castle, the black and white pen drawings bring a classic form to each type of architecture.

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August 1, 2020

Artist Creates Detailed Line Drawings Without Ever Lifting His Pen From Paper

If you’ve ever tried doodling without lifting your pen from the paper, you know how fun it can be to create abstract illustrations made up of lines and squiggles. Specializing in exactly that, American artist Tyler Foust creates abstract, continuous line drawings full of mesmerizing patterns. From wavy lines that seem to vibrate on the page to abstract animal illustrations, Foust renders a whole range of motifs in a single stroke.

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