Underwater Photography

March 7, 2021

Real Flowers Submerged Underwater Blur the Line Between Photo and Painting

Photographer Barbara Cole creates exquisite fine art photographs that blur the line between reality and a dream. In her newest series titled Appearances, she tries to find “connection during a time of separation.” She does this through flowers; specifically, their delicate forms and colors and the way in which they transform when submerged underwater. Each flower in the series is celebrated in its own portrait.

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November 16, 2020

Amazing Finalists of Ocean Photography Awards Pay Homage to the Stunning Seas

If the finalists are any indication, the inaugural Ocean Photography Awards, presented by Oceanographic Magazine, is off to a great start. Over 3,000 entries were whittled down to 100 finalists across six categories. Dealing with issues of conservation, as well as showing off adventures and exploration, these finalist images are a beautiful cross-section of ocean photography. The finalists include familiar names like Florian Ledoux, whose work in the Arctic frequently wins awards.

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February 17, 2014

Thousands of Swimming Fish Create Huge Underwater Spirals

American photographer Octavio Aburto thrives on the fascinating world of life in the sea. He has spent decades studying and researching marine biology in order to educate the world about the protection and conservation of ocean life. Since 1994, Aburto has photographed marine ecosystems in Mexican coastal waters. He has documented everything from individual creatures to massive schools of fish traveling in coordinated movements.

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