Underwater Photography

February 6, 2014

Ethereal Underwater Photographs Capture Frozen Moments in Time

Kurt Arrigo's underwater photographs are a great reminder that we live in a remarkable world. Passionate about the sea his entire life, Arrigo's love for it is palpable in these strikingly-clear images featuring shoals of fish, graceful dancers, and a majestic Black Stallion horse. Our vantage point is well below the ocean's surface, with deep blues and turquoise that fade as they are penetrated by the sun's rays.

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September 14, 2012

Floating Gracefully Beneath the Water’s Surface

South African fashion designer Joel Janse Van Vurren wanted to show off his spring-summer collection in a unique and memorable presentation. So he recruited talented photographer Ilse Moore to create a look book series that features stunning underwater style. Floating gracefully beneath the water's surface, model and creative director Elsa Bleda donned fashionable gowns that flowed and swirled around her body in a sea of still, clear water.

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