April 15, 2020

You Can Virtually Tour 12 of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Most Famous Buildings

Architecture lovers will be thrilled to know that they can still get insight into the work of America’s greatest architect, even in a time of social distancing. Frank Lloyd Wright‘s career spanned over 70 years, in which time he was responsible for designing over 1,000 buildings. Now, thanks to virtual tours, the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy is allowing the public to view 12 of his most famous buildings.

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April 8, 2020

This List of Job Opportunities for Creatives Can Help Combat Mass Unemployment

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “the number of unemployed persons rose by 1.4 million to 7.1 million in March [2020]” in the United States alone. With stay-at-home orders being implemented and increasing number of non-essential businesses being forced to shut down, many people are finding themselves without a job and with uncertainty over the stability of their jobs when these restrictions are lifted.

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April 3, 2020

National Emergency Library Provides Free Access to 1.4 Million Books Online

Book lovers, rejoice! The prolific Internet Archive—a digital archive of sites, media, and cultural artifacts for free public consumption—has recently unveiled the National Emergency Library. In an attempt to give more access to the public while local libraries are increasingly closed, the archive has suspended their two-week waitlists for copies of their materials through the month of June or until restrictions on these brick-and-mortar institutions are lifted.

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