April 2, 2019

80,000 Historic Paintings Chronicling the World Before Photography Now Available Online

With the proliferation of social media and smart phones, it’s hard to imagine a time before photography. Today, we can snap, send, and share photos in an instant, but people living just 150 years ago had to come up with creative ways to chronicle the world. One popular method of documentation was watercolor painting, a practice explored in Watercolour World‘s new digitized archive.

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March 26, 2019

Tips From a Professional Photographer: How Take the Perfect Photo of the Desert

Professional landscape photographer Anton Gorlin loves to share his tips and tricks for capturing all environments. From sunrises to seascapes, his guides give clear guidance on how you can elevate your own photography. His newest guide is an intriguing look at how to best photograph desert landscapes. These arid environments, which account for one-third of the Earth’s land surface, give photographers an incredible opportunity to express their creativity.

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March 10, 2019

Learn the Basics of Charcoal Drawing to Capture the Intensity of Life with Art

You’ve got a lot of choices for tools when it comes to drawing. Pencils are the most popular, simply because they are so ubiquitous. But the more you get into drawing, the more you’ll want to experiment with media to figure out what you like using the best. Charcoal, for instance, is a popular tool for artists—especially those that like to sketch and do it fast. Why should you try a charcoal drawing?

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February 15, 2019

Learn How Acrylic Mediums Can Transform the Way You Use Paint

Acrylic paint is popular because of how easy it is to use. With just a couple of your favorite colors, a paintbrush, canvas, and water, you can start creating beautiful works of art. Unlike oils, there’s no long drying times or special tools needed to clean your brushes. This makes acrylics perfect for traditional painting, but they also lend themselves to adorning objects and mixing media. Acrylics are versatile, but they come with some drawbacks.

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