December 10, 2017

25+ of the Most Inspiring Photographers to Follow on Instagram

A post shared by ChrisBurkard (@chrisburkard) on Nov 23, 2017 at 10:12pm PST Instagram has helped shape the way that creatives express themselves and share their work—particularly when it comes to photographers. First created as a photography app, the social platform allows both professionals and enthusiasts a way to share their unique view of the world. And throughout the years, it’s turned former amateur photographers into full-blown pros with millions of followers admiring their work.

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December 1, 2017

How to Make Your Own Free Embroidery Pattern (and Download Others for Free)

If you've taken up cross-stitching, knitting, crocheting, or beading, you've probably worked off other patterns, and there will surely come a time when you wish you could design your own. Maybe you want to transform your puppy's photo into a masterpiece or are looking for contemporary designs that you can't seem to find online. That's where Stitchboard comes in handy. Their free cross-stitch pattern maker is a great free resource. So how does it work?

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