December 11, 2018

This Free Streaming Service Lets You Watch Over 30,000 Movies Just for Having a Library Card

In case you needed one more reason to head to your local library, did you know that simply having a library card can get you access to over 30,000 films…for free? Thanks to the streaming service Kanopy, you can take advantage of digital content from universities and public libraries in their network. With over 4,000 worldwide libraries participating in Kanopy, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to hop on board wherever you reside.

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November 19, 2018

What Type of Paper Should You Use? Let Our Guide Help Find What’s Right for Your Art

When it comes to creating art, the types of supplies you use are important. Having dedication and talent allows you to produce the vision you have in your head, but the right tools will help you see it through. We’ve written before about the best colored pencils, markers, acrylic, and oil paints that professionals love. But you can’t forget about paper.

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November 11, 2018

The World’s Largest Collection of Buddhist Texts Is Now Available Online

Thanks to the Buddhist Digital Resource Center (BDRC) and the Internet Archive, the world’s largest collection of Tibetan Buddhist literature is now available online. Dedicated to preserving and sharing Buddhist scholarship, the BDRC has archived over 15 million pages of Buddhist works since it was founded in 1999. Now, thanks to its collaboration with the Internet Archive, these texts will be available—free of charge—to an even wider audience.

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November 1, 2018

Here’s How You Can Take 600 Online Classes from Top Universities for Free

Thanks to the Internet, eager learners can easily access resources offered by educational institutions around the world. In addition to free museum materials and digitized library books, this phenomenon has culminated in a wealth of free online college classes, with MOOCs at the forefront. A MOOC, or a Massive Open Online Course, is a cost-free class you can take online in order to “accelerate your future.

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